Is This A Good Deal?

Okay I found this deal on a site for a domain name ( but I don’t know enough about this kinda thing to know whether this is a good deal or not. Can I get everyone’s opinions on this?

Is this a good deal?

The only thing I don’t like is the 50MB space, you can get a better deal elsewhere.

Like where? :beam:

You know what? I don’t know in specific, but 50MB seems a bit low for the price.

Am happy with my Hosting Co.

Bj will be better i think.

I’m looking for British sites guys. Also they are both considerably more expensive. I’m on a really, really tight budget. Anyway, why do I need more than 50MB? What’s an average swf file, like 1-2MB?

The site I got the deal off gives you the domain name for free if you buy hosting so I’m gonna get the more expensive with hosting and the cheaper separately. Total cost is about £35-36 inc VAT.

I just checked and I’m currently only using just over 13MB on my freewebs account. Also Freewebs have started bugging out about people not putting the official FreeWebs links on the pages of their sites even though I have one in my swf. That’s one of the reasons why I want paid hosting and I also like the idea of having ‘’ as my url. The site also do a 100MB hosting package for just a little bit more. I’ll check that out too.

Change of plan. You don’t get .coms for free with hosting. You only get a slight discount. That means it’s gotta be the exact same as the picture in the first post there. My budget is about £40. Anyone can find me either with more space for around the same price or cheaper than what I found with the same space I’d be very grateful and I’d also link to your site if you have one.

i suggest you contact our fellow kirupian unflux check out his hosting site either email him or pm him he will contact you he always does especially if its business :beam:

Tried Great facilities but the lowest price is $8.50 a month. Too much.

Anyway I found a bettter deal:

All for the princely sum total of just £47.98 for the whole 2 years. Good deal or what?

I am currently paying 10$ a month at And you can get a server for only 5$ a month. Its run through FTP so its really fast. I have had no problems so far and am really happy with the service.

I like my deal. It works out at about $3 a month. Plus there’s FTP access 24/7.

Try…Happy with them so far!

lol Look three posts up. The name in the quote box.

dude… 10$ for 2 gig and 5$ for 500 MB

Oh right. Wait…calculates…yeah thought so. Why should I pay an extra £10 a year for 400MBs of space I don’t need. I won’t use up all that 100MB. Hell, I’d be surprised if I filled up half of it in the two years before renewal. I’m still shopping around so I’ll check out your host.

I looked at your host and I don’t think it’s worth it. Plus with the host I found I will get unlimited bandwidth or all my money back if their servers can’t cope. (Which is unlikely but hey, it’s nice to have that insurance.)