Cheap reliable no ads hosting

I have the opportunity to offer room on my server. I have a very good relationship with my ISP, so we have worked out a deal, just for the people from Kirupaville.

Here is what we came up with:

10 Megs storage space
1 G/mo max bandwidth
ftp, CGI, ASP, Gen2, Access, Cold Fusion…
$10 one time setup fee
$10 to buy a new domain name, should you need a new one

Does this sound like a good deal? Do you have any questions?

The ISP is , out of N. California.


Thats all in USD right?


yes, in USD…


Too expensive for me then:-\

Yah I hear you sintax - that ■■■■ US dollar is to expensive for my Canadian taste :slight_smile:

but if it were canadain, I would be all over it!

Sorry guys, that is the best deal I could wangle…



Here i get 25mb space, 1 gig transfer, $120 a year.

hmmm…i got 20mb space…and some high number of bandwith, $0.00USD.

check it out:

Ya pice of crap hosting with tons of adds. Good for you. You think we don’t know about that crap free hosting. Some of us are trying to present a more professional look.

Phil u didn’t give the name of the host


They are really good. Very easy control panel and tons of features…

I have them too for my friend, and for my friends band, and for my own website when I get it…

hey i am 13 with no income! and Phil i would love to see the name of your host, god thats a good rate!

jubba looks like we posted at the same time, lol, thats 3 times for me! thanks for the name!

Ya well that will be closer to $14 a month here so it is more expensive then I’m paying now. The extra space would be nice though:smirk:

black clouds? now to find a way to make money…

Ya i know I’m just stuck with the host I have for a year.

woah! 4 times posting at the same time with someone else! and 2 of those today! :P, i remember that time when lost and h88 did it 3 times in a row! :stuck_out_tongue:

Phil: I’m ok. My black clouds have transfered to my g/f. She’s the one that has to watch out for lightning on a sunny day. Hopefully everything will turn around. Now I have to find some way to raise $2000 to send her to Ireland. I’m off to eat. Later all

Happy thanksgiving!


While I appreciate your situtaion, this is geared towards people who just need a place to put their site, and want to still have a personal-type relationship with your hosting co.

$75/yr works out to [SIZE=3]$6.25 / mo[/SIZE]

and most of us don’t need 20 gig/mo bandwidth.

Sometimes it is nice to deal with a smaller, more responsive company who needs the business, rather than a large corp. where you are a number waiting in line.

Everybody’s situation is different, I personally like to know who my “virtual neighbors” are. I have been burned before on this.



I kind of have to go with rev on that one.:smirk: