Iserting Flash (Validation and Detection)

I’m sorry if this has all been covered recently, but I haven’t done any Flash in ages so I haven’t been keeping up. :wink:

  1. Is there a ‘normal’ or standard what to put flash into an HTML page that is consistent (at least works) across browsers but is also valid (and even better, sensible)?

  2. Is there any decent method of doing flash detection on the server side nowadays? I want to check the flash version as well, but don’t want to rely on people having JavaScript or anything, as that’s reasonably unlikely if they aren’t using Flash.

I have found some answers to these two, but everything seemed very out of date, I’m not sure if it’s still relevant.

  1. How can I tell what the lowest Flash player my movie will run on? (If I’m using CS3)

Thanks Guys

Edit: Of Course the title should read Inserting