ISO: Vector/Cartoon Rock Texture(s)

In search of some rock textures which I will ultimately end up making in Flash. Does anyone know of any examples I could look at and learn from? Any kind of vector rock face (something course and rough like in the mountains) or even cartoon for that matter. Some ideas about making my own wouldnt hurt either :wink:

Normally I probably wouldnt ask but research is so hard when the office is RUNNING ON A SINGLE SHARED AOL DIALUP CONNECTION :scream:
… so I thought Id ask here and see if anyone knew of any examples offhand for quick reference.

(I almost finished writing this before this page finished loading :trout: )

If you find a good rock surface with high contrast that you want. I can run it through streamline and get it vectored for you.

Also if you got PS. Try to pick up eye candy 5. GOt some good rock textures there.

just a few

sorry misunderstood your question…

Sen… here is how I do it. It’s just one way to do it but this is how we make like distressed textures and stuff for garments, we’ve done a rock one too.

Take a piece of paper and cumble it up, it will look like a stone. Scan it in. Play w/ the threshold till you see just the contours and stuff. Adjust the colors from rgb/cmyk… to greyscale, then to bitmap.

Once it’s converted to a bitmap you can import/place that texture over anything in Illustrator. And the beauty of it is, you can change the color of that texture in Illustrator just like you would change the fill of a regular object in Ill.

If that doesn’t suit your fancy you can do the same thing, but Streamline it use Flash’s convert to vector thingy, just doesn’t give you quite the same effect but it could work.

Hope it helps.

thanks guys =) thats a big help :pleased: