Issues with shared objects and internet explorer

I’m having a little difficulty getting flash objects to read correctly in internet explorer. My flash project involves a map which users zoom into and when the page is reloaded I don’t want the swf to zoom back out. So I tried using flash objects to “remember” what zoom level the map was on and immediately zoom to that level when the swf was loaded into the browser. This works just fine in firefox opera and safari on the mac and firefox and opera on the pc… just not explorer 6 or 7. Is there some additional security junk explorer needs to accept shared local objects?

here’s my onload initializer code

onLoad = function(){
    zoom_level = SharedObject.getLocal("zoom_profile");

    if ( == undefined){
        trace('zoom_level is undefined');
    } else if( == "zoomout"){
        map_mc_container.mc_map.scaleTo(100, 1, 'easeOutInQuad', 0);
        map_mc_container.mc_map.slideTo(507, 143, 'linear', 0);
    }else if( == "zoom1"){
        map_mc_container.mc_map.scaleTo(250, 2, 'easeOutInQuad', 0);
        map_mc_container.mc_map.slideTo(1270, 50, 'linear', 0);
    } else if( == "zoom2"){
        map_mc_container.mc_map.scaleTo(250, 2, 'easeOutInQuad', 0);
        map_mc_containert.mc_map.slideTo(642, 150, 'linear', 0);
    } else if( == "zoom3"){
        map_mc_container.mc_map.scaleTo(140, 2, 'easeOutInQuad', 0);
        map_mc_container.mc_map.slideTo(389, 109, 'linear', 0);    

and here is one of the buttons to zoom the map

_root.mc_zone1.onRelease = function() {
        map_mc_container.mc_map.scaleTo(250, 2, 'easeOutInQuad', 0);
        map_mc_container.mc_map.slideTo(1270, 50, 'linear', 0); = "zoom1";

does explorer write that .sol file differently or something? I have flash player 9 installed in all my browsers on mac and pc. thanks!