It's OVER! Congratulations to the Particpants

Hey everyone,
Well, the Flash Game contest is now over. The top placing entries can be seen here:

Congratulations to Mattias, the_traveler, McGiver, and dbarbarian for their winning entries.

All of the games featured in the Top 10 will be hosted on the site, and even other nice entries that did not make the cut may also find their way on the site!

Kirupa :slight_smile:

Congratulations !! :thumb:

The link to Battle Pong leads to Eilsoe’s footer…

fixed :wink:

Congratulations guys :slight_smile:


Thank you Kirupa for a great contest. Contests makes people (nerds like us) full of inspiration which leads to more programming which leads to better people (nerds) :beer:

I have no idea what Im talking about! (talking!?) Oo-k-eee-y :huh:

awesome job :thumb:

Great work everyone :slight_smile:

i came 2nd-last! :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats to everyone :smiley:

Mattias,the_traveler,McGiver,dbarbarian, the rest of the top 10** :party::beer:=)


Sorry, the site doesn`t show properly on Mac OS 9. Site is all messed up.

Can someone please post the 3 links to the winners? Thanks…

thanks for for the contest :beer:
…and Congratulations to the other participants :slight_smile:

for EvilAtomBender[url=“member.php?u=17100”]
1st Mattias
2nd the_traveler
3rd McGiver
4th dbarbarian

I noticed a broken link, when you click on judges it’s title is t-shirt contest and also tim kocks link doesn’t work :wink:

Where on the site will the games be?

Congrats to everyone and especially to Mattias_ for getting first :D.

Hey I would just like to say, congrats to all… the winners… the top 10… and the people who tried… Nice job everyone!

Thank you! … and congrats to you!

Congrats to Mattias and dbarbarian and of course everyone for submitting and voting! Thanks for voting me second! Can’t wait till the next comp!