I've got PS2 Problems!

I’ve had my PS2 for about 3 years now, and I’ve run into the same problem twice now. Ever time I try to play a game (any game that is) it says “Disk Read Error” and I’ve cleaned all my games out and even tried using brand new games in it, but no luck. I read online that the stickers video game rentails put on the disks can somehow unbalance the laser or something, I’m not too sure. Well the first time it happened it was right after i brought back a game, and the same with this time now. Someone please help!


Solution: And don’t mind me for saying this…Buy an xbox.

Flash Fool you are a god! I finally fixed my PS2!!!

No problem. your welcome

Smack it around a few times.

No need for that now Zao! The problem has been fixed. Although that did cross my mind a few times when it was still broken!