PS2 can't read DVD ROM

Hey guys, it’s me, Voetsjoeba. Having some problems with my other account.

I seem to be born for bad luck. Last week my HD’s boot sector was damaged, and now my PS2 can’t read DVD ROM’s anymore. Some friend of my brother dropped it, but since we were playing SSX at that time (which is a CD for PS2, not a DVD ROM), we didn’t notice any problems.

Lately, I started noticing. First of all, my brother bought two games for the PS2: GT3 and SSX 3. We wanted to play them, but guess what: cold shower. It didn’t recognize either of the two discs (both DVD ROM). I’ve also played the Getaway before, which is also a DVD ROM, and it worked back then. Now, it doesn’t anymore.

So I figured that drop must’ve damaged something inside the PS2 which makes it unable to read DVD ROM’s. I’m thinking about the lens. The PS2 can’t read the DVD ROM’s, but it can still read CDs. CDs are more rough qua structure than DVD ROM’s. Or maybe it has damaged a DVD decoder inside, I don’t know.

If anyone can give advice, it would be really appreciated. Can this problem be fixed at all ? Any case I can use warranty ?

*It’s about just a year old.

gee, I dont know. But I do so :love: SSX3

*Originally posted by senocular *
**gee, I dont know. But I do so :love: SSX3 **

D’oh, that makes me wanna play it even more :frowning:

A similar thing happened to me, but not with my ps2 but with my sony cd-player-did’nt recognise cd’s or vcd’s!
I think its caused by the lens so i just cleaned my lens with one of those compressed air thingys and it worked fine!

Hope this helps, just use the warranty to get it fixed otherwise!


That sounds like it really might work ! I’ll borrow that air thingy from my friend and try it out. Thanks !

Any more suggestions anyone ? :slight_smile:

how about not dropping the system :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, a little too late for that :stuck_out_tongue: That friend of my brother is never touching it again !

where’s the rest of you voets?

did you leave joeba at home?



Lol, no, I was having some problems with this account. It’s working now again, however I didn’t change anything. Voets was just another account I made to post with because this one wasn’t working at the time.

oh, i thought there was a stalker jr on the loose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who knows … :bad:


Did it work?

That air thing sorted my problem, i hope it helped you.

There are loads of sites that will help you to understand the insides of your ps2 and help with fixes/upgrades if ur not worried about the warranty.

Maybe somethings come loose or damaged!
Try and send it back to sony if it continues.


My kid brother ruined my Bloody Roar 3 CD long ago… :frowning:

Any tips for me? :slight_smile:

He left it lying around (despite my warnings), and now it’s useless… I can play until I reach a certain arena, then it chokes… and the intro doesn’t werk either…

send it back to the factor. And now it not owrking take it to to you local pc/gmaing shop maybe they can fix it.?

I don’t HAVE a local gaming/pc shop… :frowning:

I live in a small town…

There’s this thing called a “spin doctor,” i think that’s what it’s called; it supposed to repair scratched cd/dvds