Java controlled Popup windows

I have many photos (converted to buttons) in a movieclip. This movieclip slides continuously across the stage in which the speed and direction are dictated by the mouse’s position.\r\rI want these pics to be hot and when the user clicks on them a fixed-size window (html page with larger image) appears. I added the javascript and altered the published HTML but the windows popup with no controlled settings that I placed in the getURL script assigned to each button. A sample of what I am trying to do is at Click on an image then click again. That’s the box I want.

what does the code look like that you are using?\r\rand you have the site typed wrong. \r\

Scripts are not allowed

no they are not. you can e-mail it to me.

Oops I forgot about posting scripts. The chromeless window tutorial fits the bill-thanks, but I hate the jump that the window makes from top left to final position.

i’m not sure how to fix that someone else might know.