Jeopardy!: $2 Million Dollars+ Winner - Ken Jennings!

Hey everyone,
I’m not sure how many of you watch Jeopardy!, but for the past 28 (probably more…too many to count!) appearances, contestant Ken Jennings has won every day! What makes it so impressive is that he usually manages to accumulate so much money, by the time the final round comes around, his contestants have no chance of catching up to him even if they double their current winnings.

He made the cover of this site: and there a few news articles on him on Google News!

I’ve been watching Jeopardy since I was a kid…well, smaller kid…and I have never seen anybody like him. Just thought I’d share in on the excitement :stuck_out_tongue:

Kirupa :ub:

lol thoriphes. I gotta check this guy out.
setting mental alarm clock…loading…still loading…POP! done.

Think you just missed him CG, you were playing Ethan’s “guess who I am game”…I just finished watching what might have been his 23rd win…I won’t spoil it, 'cause I know people are in different time zones :wink:


How many days now? My brother was giving me a play by play on the phone, and apparently it was almost such that both other players weren’t qualified for Final Jeopardy. That would have been awesome.

yeah, i was hoping that would happen. the guy answered the last question correctly which was enough to bring him over the top.

i’m still convinced this guy’s cheating somehow.

I think Ken let that guy have the last question, just so he could go to Final Jeopardy and have a shot at the most-one-day-winnings record. :wink:

If he is cheating, I’d rather not know. Ignorance is bliss after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and CG - your mental alarm clock is very… microwavelike.

…but truth is benign.

You’re benign! :m:

Hehe just kidding. :beam:

[size=1][EDIT] That didn’t really make sense…[/size]

He won again. Supposedly, the record number of times anyone has been on any game show is 46 appearances. Ken just finished his 36th today :stuck_out_tongue:

argh, i watched this one this time, twice.

notice when he tried to answer “Brussels” he said it like “Brewsuls”. Tell me he either read it wrong in his microcomputer contacts or someone mispronounced it in his earpiece.


LOL! :pleased:

I think he’s from the Future.

He tied the record again today. But, tomorrow is the last day of the season. So that could potentially explain him reportedly being home, because they would be done filming the season. But, that article I posted says that he loses on the 39th day, which is tomorrow. How will the season end? Be sure to tune into Jeopardy tomorrow at 5:30, 4:30 Central right here on ABC.

Phew! I’m finally going to get to see this guy. I’ll be spamming the forums until the show comes on. :smiley: If you catch me lurking in the trenches of Random after 7pm est. please PM me. sets mental alarm clock

LOL Brad - some of the stuff that is in the link you posted is great :slight_smile:

I must say what a boring show. lol Last I saw he was murdering the competition by $40,000 or something.

Haha. The fun part is trying to get answers right :stuck_out_tongue: I missed today’s show, but I am guessing Ken not only won, but annihilated the competition…like I am about to in Mechwarrior. brb :inc:

All the other contestents probably hate him. I think Alex probably wants to kill him too.

Ken Jennings won 75,000 today. That beats the all-time per day winning record! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think when this guy is gone noone will ever watch Jeopardy again, since noone is abled to come as far as he came