Job Offers Rant

Is it just me or has there recently been a lot of job offer threads saying:

"Hi guys, I’m looking for an extremely advanced actionscript coder with alot of experience in photoshop, flash and illustrator to make a site like If you design the site and I like it I will pay you $60. Email me if you are interested.

[email protected]"

:m: :{

I’m just getting really annoyed at all the posts titled “Designer Wanted” which then ask for a very talented designer who is also an actionscript god. Then you are expected to work for peanuts.

People need to understand that there aren’t going to be alot of freelancers on these forums who are talented in both design and coding. Being primarily a designer, I tend to cannibalize tutorials and source files for my AS.

My skill in writing AS is currently not great, but it’s getting there. If I can’t figure out how to do something I’ll ask on the forums or contract someone. But I still don’t want to apply for jobs pretending to be a great coder.

These “employers” need to realize that
a) one person can’t do everything,
b) you get what you pay for and
c) most designers and coders will ask for a t least half of the payment up front. None of this “if I like it I will pay you” [email protected]


Phew! I feel much better. I just needed to let off some steam.:crazy: