Joshua Jenkins for the last time

Okay so I finally just semi-finished how my site is going to actually look for more than 10 days. Sorry to post so many times.

Anyway take a look and tell me what you think. There’s a big ol’ margin at the top of the image in IE and I’ll take care of that eventually. Looks right in Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Actually I have no idea how it looks in IE 7 so if anyone has that and wants to let me know, that’d be cool.

Also there isn’t really any error handling yet because I am lazy, so if you talk in a wrong date or something it’ll just break. There isn’t any reason to type in a date though. Anyway this was pretty difficult for me to make, really pushed what I used to be able to do with PHP and MySQL. Clearly doesn’t look like much, but all the date handling stuff was pretty hard.

There will be comments and forward / backward links this weekend probably. I’m thoroughly burnt out at this point though.

Okay here it is.

(Hint: blue = link)