JPEG in WINDOWS issues

Hi guys, i’m resolving some issues with a new site im doing, you can check it out at The feedback i’m getting is strange. Apparantly people who are using windows aren’t seeing any of the jpeg images that are supposed to load into the movie. (all jpegs load dynamically) I’m wondering if anyone knows of any issues that flash in windows might have when loading/viewing jpegs. I suppose they could be converted to .gifs but with a loss in quality. Can anyone help? thanks a google.


all i see is loading then it goes away and nothing happens, hit rewind and forward in the flash menu and still nothing shows up try posting your fla so we can look at it and see whats going on

Here you go, I’m including the flash file that is supposed to control the loading and preloading of the images. I used a simple three-frame preload system, and the syntax is correct, but something is definitely not working. If you could maybe take a look at it and see if something is wrong that would be awesome.

The basic structure of the site includes a main .swf file, which loads the menu.swf file.  when clicking on a menuitem, it creates the variable (_root.targetimage) containing the path to the desired .jpg.. then it opens up one of several .swf files (labeled mod1.swf, mod2.swf, etc.. for the different picture layouts) which in turn loads the image into itself and is supposed to hold on white until the image is fully preloaded.  Attached is one of the mod.swf files, which is identical in programming to the others. As far as I know, everything else works perfectly until the image is supposed to be loaded.

thanks a mil,


could you send in the original images that are supposed to load too ? (maybe its because of the encoding, although id it works on mac i dont see why they wouldnt load on wind’hoes)

Here’s one of the images. they all use the same format, which should be standard jpeg compression… did you guys notice anything about the preload script that might not be clicking btw?

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