JPg Pictures?

okay, another stupid question from Trinity LOL

I made a graphic in PSP that I want to import into Flash as my BACKGRONd, and all I wanted to do was add fading text onto the top of it.

I got the fading text part down. I made my text on a new layer…

BUT>… my background image is only on ONE frame, and when i play the movie, obviously the background image is only there for the first frame LOL

So, My question is , is there some way to IMPORT background pictures? Or, make it somehow so its a CONSTANT backgroudn regardless of what happens on OTHER layers??

HELP!!! Lol


Well you can’t import background images, but what you do is Right click on the very last frame of the movie (but in your background layer) and choose “Insert Frame”

This will insert your background images throughout all the frames between Frame 1 and the Frame you applied that to.

I hope that makes sense.

K I"m gonna give it a shot :slight_smile:


You try that…let me know how it works.

I will be here waiting, listening to Aphex Twin and workin on Photoshop and Flash.

okay well now when I make the Text layer (*which is above the background image) it has a keyframe set up already jUST like the one below that containst he background image… .now I don’t know how to make my text! LOL

I tried goign to frame one, and doing INSERT MOTION TWEEN, and it makes the dotted line, then I expand the text, but the dotted line at the end wont’ close with the Arrow to play it :frowning:

did htat make sense ?? LOL!!!

Hey Trinity… haven’t gotten to use this often lately, but I seek to remind everyone always… the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. Remember it, cause we all feel sometimes like we’re stupid, but we’re really not… just limited in knowledge.

To elaborate on Lostinbeta a little… just remember this.

a keyframe has a little dot in the middle of it, and it’s shaded in, where as a blank frame is solid white. Anything that you have on the timeline only exists where

A) there is a frame. if you see the standard background of the timeline itself in a frame then there isn’t any frame there at all.
B) the frame is shaded in some way, ie blue or grey,. not white.
B) either it is a keyframe, or there is a keyframe on the timeline prior to it, without any other keyframes interupting it.

This includes graphics, fills, strokes (lines), movie clips, sounds, etc.

Ooh I got it! Thank you very much!! I thought the last frame was alreay a keyframe, but it wasn’t LOL

I had to make it one and THEN add my motion Tween :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

(((((HUGS)))))) :slight_smile:

The second question - a motion tween begins AND ends with a keyframe. ie, you need to select the last frame and hit F7 to make it a keyframe. You can then select that keyframe and apply the effect that you want to have occur throughout the tween.

David comes to the rescue… =)

I will continue listening to my music and working in my programs…deperate attempt to become inspired… grrrr :frowning:

keep beating me to the post. :slight_smile: Forgot to mention. Love the “title” love the sig.

Cool! I got it! One last question. Is there any way to make the END of my text fade, not so… HARSH??

It just STOPS really abruptly LOL its annoying.

I have it zooming towards me… getting bigger as it comes towards me. Then i have if fading back in…then it just STOPS LOL

Why do you have it fade back in while you have it zoomed in towards you?

Umm… it like, fades in towards me, and THEN fades back out. I may be saying that backwards. LOL

It first gets BIGGER , then goes back smaller to its original size

Just basic Zoomin in, Zoomin out text.

maybe easing?

I’m not sure what the effect is you’re discribing. :), but easing is a way of smoothing out the ins and outs of tweens. It’s on the “Frame” panel. To ease “in” means that the object’s effect gets faster as it runs from the keyframe where it is set, to the next keyframe on the timeline. To ease “out” is the opposite.

mm…**** I have another problem

I have two motion tweens on the same line. Separated by a keyframe, as I’m supposed to I guess

At first they were both moving fine, but now the 2nd Tween is moving REAAAAAAALLY REALLY SLOW. :frowning: the first Tween is normal speed but the second one is almost in Slow motion. :frowning:

This was happening earlier while i was making a motion guide, but I didn’t know why so I just kept opening up a new stage and starting over LOL

If you use more frames in your second tween, this will cause it to go slower.

ahh nevermind :slight_smile: I"ll figure it out :slight_smile:

remember that sometimes things can get a little glitchy in a Flash project. What i mean by that is that sometimes things will break, and it will not be apparent why something is acting the way that it is.

What lost said was right. Objects move slower when you add frames inbetween two keyframes (which have a motion tween between them.). If one of the motions is going really slow, but you didn’t add any frames inbetween it’s keyframes it could be that the motion tween got screwed up and will have to be rebuilt. Sometims from scratch.

I guess that wasn’t the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

But I don’t see what else could be slowing down your tween. If not the amount of frames used…what else could it be?

Ahhh posted before me david, but yes, you are right, I have to rebuild plenty of tweens sometimes.

Ok 2:37am here and I am actually tired (very very odd for me), so off to bed I go.

Good luck with everything Trinity :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll just keep playing with it. That’s how I normally make things LOL

:slight_smile: Thank you for your help! I"m sure I’ll be back for more LOL!!!