Jubba, Methinks your a Mod

Jubba is not a mod. On the main page of www.kirupaforum.com there is a link somewhere around the bottom right corner the says “Forum Leaders” If you click that a list off all mods are in there.

Jubba is not listed. I thought he was too :-\

I don’t ever remember asking. I remember asking who the moderator were on the old Ezboard Forums, but I never actually asked to become one. I never wanted to be one. I am too vengeful and bitter a person to be a moderator. Also, I do not help people as much as I did before because of the work that i Have for school.

And I think you really need to stay out of the sun…


Sorry :frowning:

Well technically it was a minute before :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow Phil that is one hell of a story! Have the moles gone back to their current size or are they still huge? (The only thing I have a question about)

You sure do have great stories. You should tell more like these!


Holy p00p on a stick…

it’s quarter after 4 in the morn and you expect me to read all that… GOnna have to wait til I gte some coffee and dunkin sticks… hehe


Wait up, Phil, if this was a gay beach, what was with the hot asian chick???

And why did you get soooo sick after the sunburn?

Man would that ever suck…
The worst sun burn i ever got was on my nose, once when i was surfing. The whole side of my nose blistered up and pealed off…

somehow you must add this as well

"Ya, most of my moles that speckled my chest burst their own little boundries and trippled in size. The only scarring I have amazingly from that episode is a little burn mark over my chest plate.

and in the days following, when it became neccessary to remove the dead and decaying skin, I removed a peice as large as a dinner plate and dried it out like leather. It was pretty gross. Don’t werry I didn’t save it. I sold it to a Miami voodoo doctor for extra cash. Not sure what he would have wanted with it, but anyways, this kind of all ruined the trip.

that was the werst 6 weeks or so of my entire life. Miami is a cesspool of humanity that we could and should dedicate to fuel air explosives training for the Air Force.

The got a quarter state-thats what should be on all their license plates in Florida.

I remember my entire chest and front legs looked as though they had been microwaved. It was days before I could even shower or bath. Thanks for the relived memory Mak-

Im glad my pain was able to so entertain you, you have proven you are pyschotic and a Sociopath. doh~

one more phunny thing about that trip. after the burn, my entire complexion reamins to this day like 4-5 shades darker than it was all my life before that burn. I used to have a phairly phair complexion, now i look like I always have a bit of a tan.

cheers you sicko-
pj "


~this is great Phil. More stories??? :smiley: grins like a child

■■■■… this stuff really sounds weird… and scary… did that really really happen? :!::!::!:

even if it is real i refuse to believe it, real isn’t funny…most of the time =) but i somehow know, phil is known to exagerate…maybe he did grab freds ***, but all that other stuff maybe never happened…he was simply…experimenting :?: sorry philbo

that was the werst 6 weeks or so of my entire life. Miami is a cesspool of humanity that we could and should dedicate to fuel air explosives training for the Air Force.

Air Fuel Bombs have been known to rip peoples lungs out of their throat, inside out. What a great little weapon our country has developed to use against defensless villiages. Viva la Freedom!

excellent…we can use it against Flash MX …
whats MX gonna do? we have SPAM they have…nothing (actionscript this :trout: )

doh!! wrong thread

**JUBBA IS A MOD! ** yeah i just checked, his name is bolded. congrats!

Gosh, yall just noticed? LOL

Anyway I want more stories from Phil :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

well everybody said he wasnt…

mdipi…this thread is from wayBack, check the date

we wanted more Phil stories, he hasn’t given us any, we will kill him if he doesn’t produce within 24 hours
i have a bomb strapped to myself and i’m taking you all with me if you don’t meet my demands :crazy: :cool: