Hey Kirupa.. do you need more mods?

Just wondering as I seem to be in here all the time. I could help by moving things like site checks to the site check forum and such. If you’ve need, as you are going back to school and probebly have very limited time, let me know. I’ll be happy to help out.

Gee Kirupa thanks… I just noticed. :slight_smile:

I’ll try to be a good responsible mod.

Actually upuaut8, I made you a mod a few days before this post I think :slight_smile: No problem!

and if u ever need some other MOD. u can count on me :slight_smile:

Well hey again, i’m still new so i’m not gonna request to be a mod or anything, but i’ll help ya out in anyway. :slight_smile: i’m vts’s friend by the way

I’m gonna post more frequently so i can become reliable enough to be a mod.

oops, i’m really sorry about that icon. I thought ezboard was suppose to resize it

lol… no problem man… glad to know you… any friend of vTs is a friend of mine.

strange…i clicked next and i came up 2 this

must be pure chance

both asked to be mods

both become mods


maybe i pressed last instead of next …or the 2…drat

whoa… old post!

wow, you must of had to dig in the kirupa archive. lol:crazy: :beam:

lmao… Mak… You surely are a genius… But for this one…

starts up another fire… I do believe that we are going to have to have a Mak sandwich :beam:

i dont think you read my post…i hit #2 but it went to last

and what kinda people are you roasting humans for bringing back old threads

…got any more spots?

I was freaking out reading


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Posts: N/A[/size]

I thought I broke :!:

i love old posts when everyone is guest!!

cheers me up!

[SIZE=4]HOLLY **** THATS OLD!!![/SIZE] :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :

lol. that is really old. it seems that it is when you started out here.=)

thats funny seeing kirupas name above the word guest

Yeah really… covers eyes… it isn’t so… KIRUPA was never a guest… NOOOOO!

awesome ;p

These are scary, I thought I was going to die seeing everybody as guest in the last 2 threads I have read!