Hey Jubba (or anyone else that could re-evaluate the situation) do you have any other options?

For the new people viewing this thread, I have a customized scrollbar and I want to dynamically enter text. It is currently set up that I enter the text in the actionscript to be used however I need to use certain punctuation that it won’t allow… any ideas???

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which punctuation?

quotation marks (") hyphens (-) and some periods it doesn’t take as well.


did it open in your email okay?

no I didn’t even get the e-mail… something is wrong with the server here… I’m sorry.

i’ll post it up on the thread here. lol…i REALLY need this help.

here’s where you can get the file.

Fla file

Text File

your text file should look like this:

scrollableText=Designed by Huntsville-based golf course architect, John Robinson, construction at Whistle Bear began in September 1999 and finished late last summer when the final grow in of grass on the fairways was ready for play on the back-nine holes. The front-nine opened in July 2001. The championship-length links style course has been built over 178 acres of the 232-acre property, that Cabral and two partners, Carlos DaSilva and Arnold Van Winden purchased in May 1999.<br><br>The land was originally owned by one of Cambridge’s founding fathers, William Dickson, who sold this parcel to Joseph Bowman, who built Blair’s first sawmill in 1821. It was Bowman, who built the original log home, between 1829 and 1832, that is used as the main clubhouse today.<br><br>The course derives its name from Thomas Vair, a 19th-century blacksmith who set up shop in the area. Legend has it that Vair would whistle while walking along the country road. Over time, the road that runs along the second and third holes became known as Whistle Bare Road. A check through Cambridge archive records revealed 18 previous owners of the site. Cabral decided to name all 18 holes after the previous landowners.

you can’t have spaces like that in a text file when loading variables. and name the variable the same thing as your dynamic text box

and should it be automatically pulling up the .txt file because i’ve just done what you’ve said and it doesn’t work yet.

I added the loadVarialbes script in the first frame

turned on “display as HTML” for the dynamic text box. now it loads fine for me. just make sure that all of the files are in the same folder.

i hope it works, iv’e tried every script i can think of… give me a minute I just have to finish this one thing up and I’ll let you know how it works for me.

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you CAN see the text???!!?? All i see when i load that file from the zip is
’ _level0.scrollableText ’

i see the text just fine…

uhhhhh…what does that mean?

whooHooooo…oh yeah [jumpin up and down repeatedly in joy] oh yeah…it works!!! i re-saved it to my computer and ran it again… thank you SO very much Jubba, anything that I have the capability to do for you just let me know.

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Just keep bein’ your sweet self. :slight_smile:

awww :blush:

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