Hey Jubba,

The other night you helped me out with that scroller (thanks by the way) but due to puctuation needs in the text I’ll need to use an imported text file (dynamically loaded text) and I’ve used a few codes but they’re not working. For this instance let’s pretend that my file is called test.txt

I’ve recently tried using

scrollableText = new loadVars();

at the very bottom of your code where it replaces the text you usually just type in. I want the ‘scrollableText’ which is the var name of the textbox to contain test.txt…any suggestions?

:love: ~ Seretha

you should have an onLoad function :slight_smile:

// make a LoadVars object
lv = new LoadVars();
// define 'onLoad' handler
lv.onLoad = function (success) {
        // this function gets called once something has been returned
        // if the file was returned correctly
        // 'success' will be 1
        // otherwise it will be 0 (and something went wrong)
        // remember that your onLoad function should always be declared
        // *before* you try to load in a file (otherwise it might not trigger)
        // typically, this function will look like:
        if (success) {
                // success, variables are available for use, for instance:
               myTextField.text = this.news // make sure you have 'this' infront of the variable name 
// load in the file

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sorry jubba… :trout: :stuck_out_tongue:

– Ahmed

I changed the ‘myTextField’ to scrollableText and ‘textfile.txt’ to ‘test.txt’ and it doesn’t function at all. Am I suppose to change the lv to reference something in my file as well? Thanks for the quick reply BTW!

oh…i kind od screwed up (thought you were using textfield with instance name)… do this instead:

myTextField = this.myTextField  // make sure you have 'this' infront of the variable name
// load in the file

nope. still not working. what’s the lv for specifically…i’m not changing it to anything, should I be?

I think I should’ve left this question for jubba :trout:

what flash version are you on? and what error does it give you? :q:

try ignoring all the above, and use this code:

loadVariables("test.txt", this)

actually, no error pops up, the text just doesn’t show (it does pop up a mssg if i enter a .txt that is non-existant tho…weird eh?) and I’m using MX.

:love: ~ Seretha

haha and no that code doesn’t work either. Whatever code it is I’m sure it’ll have to identify that the text has to go into scrollableText tho…hmmmmmmmmmm


im sure my code is correct though… see these files :slight_smile:

ahh… i dont see any text

ahmed -

I think maybe the reason your code isnt working for me is because I’m using Jubba’s custom scrollbar not the components scrollbar. The code seems to differ because of that.

do you see any text here?


how you load the text shouldn’t make a different in loading the variable i think…

ahmed -

yea i do see that text. I’ve tried using Kirupa’s dynamic tutorial tho and (and ive used those scrollbars before as well) the code doesn’t pull it up for some reason although it DOES somehow recognize it NEEDS to use the file test.txt as when I put a false file in that spot I DO get an error saying file not found…

how is your text file set up? that might be the problem. :slight_smile:

well the text file is named ‘test.txt’ and all it contains is the following:

testing with this sentence.

scrollableText=The text you want to display here

try that. Actually name the variable in the text file “scrollableText” the same as the textbox…

well it makes the ‘the text you want to display here’ show up but not the textfile text from the .txt

now did you want me to only rename the VARIABLE IN THE TEXT FILE or the name of the file as well?