Scrollbar - Dynamically loads text

I followed the directions directly from flashkit but somewhere’s along the way i’ve gone astray. I cant figure it out and i really really dnt want to start from scratch…

here’s my fla, any help?


– Come on boys, help a lady in distress… :p:

~~ Seretha :love:

First, I would like to say thank you for your email tut in the forums. I learned from it and still use it for reference all the time!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, with your fla; I played with it for a little bit and found that I couldn’t even get the text to load into the text box!! ?? I would suggest using:

lv = new LoadVars();
lv.onLoad = function (success){
	if (success){ = this.crap;

instead of LoadVariables. That may be one small prob. What exactly do you want to do? Just that textbox with a custom scroll bar??

…you probably couldnt get the text to load cause im an idiot and didnt upload the text file to the server… ooops :c)

and i’ll try that code out. thanks so much for the help!

~~ Seretha Blaze :love:

it’s still not scrolling… any ideas or is it worth it just to … dare i say it… start over… :c0

~~ Seretha :love:

Well, I figured out why I couldn’t see the text. I made a txt file to use, but the color of the text was set to white! :crazy:

Now, your code, I don’t understand it at all. If you put a trace on a or b, you get [object] and a bunch of zeros respectively. As you may have read once upon a time - I am very lazy. :stuck_out_tongue: I would take the IU scroll component, connect it to the textbox (lose the movieClip) then open your library, open up the folder that says ‘Flash IU Component’ and you have all the movieClips that make up the scroll bar. Adjust the crap out of it!! I know it’s time consuming, but it’s a lot easier and you don’t have to do any of the code, Flash does it for you.

Granted, you won’t learn how to do it, but it is a solution.

[edit]one more thing - I found this on the net:
I think it explains how a scroll pane works, but it has a bunch of code at the bottom if you are not lazy like I. :)[/edit]

…nice elf.

Try this