Just a collection of images. Looking for imput




And I’ll just keep adding to this list. When making a suggestion please refer to the image name. Thanks.

I like the blue electrical discharge effect in the first one… Er, mishap.jpg. Kinda crackly. :slight_smile:

What did you use to make them? What kind of filters and stuff?

Oh, and I tried loading up your website the other day, but all I got was the logo and a robot… Could have sworn there was more than that. :slight_smile:

i like the first two most. they both look really nice.

on the first, i think the “void” type look for the balls and electricity go good together to make a really nice looking picture.

the second i like because of the blast of electricity with the planet or moon behind it, looks great.

The blue electricity is made with the “neon pen” special effects brush in Painter 6 and a lot of pain staking work.

My site is located at http://animation.centerspin.com. if you were going to the main site at www.centerspin.com then that’s why you didn’t see anything. interesting.

You know… I really liked the first two as well. I just can’t get that third one to look right. Though I have made some improvement on it.

Thanks for the input so far. Looking forward to making more.

Doh! That would explain why nothing was happening. Boy, do I feel foolish now… :slight_smile:

well, here is my little suggestion…

how about a little bit of blur (only a little) in the metalic structure in gravThrustFull.jpg??? i think a bit of blur always help things get integrated in the picture. What do u think??

possibly… I’ll play around and see what sort of effect I can get…

I was going to do it myself to show you what i mean, but i don’t want to work on something that is not mine without permission. =)