Just a favour site

This is just a site that I did for a friend so obviously you cant spend all your free time on it as I`m not a geek! ha - you may also see some tutorials but what do you think about the simplicity.

ps I know the title is annoying - dont dig on this as its already changed


nice job, I like the site (and his work) but I don’t like the gradients on the buttons

ok what do you suggest??

don`t i get any more reviews??

Not bad at all! But personally, I’d change the outline and the menu. Flash shapes tend to suck unless used perfectly. You’ve got jaggies on the corners at the bottom and such, and there isn’t a uniform space difference in the border. The menu could use some beefing up too. (Maybe i’m a minimalist freak, but i can’t take sites w/o size 10 verdana or a pixel font anymore)

Sure I’ll give you one :).

I think the overall site is sort of blank and too dark. It needs some more color in it and lots more to look at. Add some more graphics to it. The text is also a little off. You can change it to maybe pixel fonts? It’s just that the ones you have now don’t look too well ;).

I’ll add some more stuff If I find anything else :).

Yes - although the design is meant to take second place behind the paintings. I tried not to have any color than the paint.

On the home page, the word “corporate” is misspelled on the menu that pops up when you hover over “collections”.

Speaking of the drop-down, perhaps you could experiment with the easing options in Flash to make it a little more fluid?
[EDIT] Hmm, the info menu seems to have this, but not the collections. And when you rollOut of the info button, the menu exits, but it appears to do so with the ‘ease in’ option, so it doesn’t go out with the same, ‘zip’, you might say, as it came in. Which I personally would change to the ‘ease out’ option, but maybe that’s just me. [/EDIT]

And also, what the other people said about fonts. Especially in the little copyright stuff on the sub pages.

Hope it helps! :beer:

the site itself is nice. But change the preloader!!! When I saw that gradient preloader, I immediately thought the site would suck!


thankyou young man