Just a splash page


There’s not much there. I was kind of going for a simplistic look. The image says it all. What do you think?

I like that, the vector look is great and it goes perfect, it screams “Blue Fin Atlantic”

As a suggestion, the pixel strecth area should be a 1px by whatever image that gets tiled horizontally as a table cell background image. That way you have the surfer image, then 1 tiny image that gets tiled, saved a lot on loading time.

its not one pixel? hmmm… stupid PS slices… I must have screwed somethin up… thanks for the heads up…

Well the far right is, but then theres still more area that you can remove this way… like this image…


Much of it is the pixel stretch that could be behind a table. Then you can make the blue fin atlantic image a tiny image inside the table and have the tables alignment be valign bottom and align right.

ohhh, I see what you mean. Yeah, i’ll fix that. I wasn’t even thinkin’ lol…

fixed it. :slight_smile:

looks great! n1, though you might want to change the board colour to something other than white so it stands out! unless he can walk on water :wink:

Looks cool! But the surf board kinda hidden! At first I didn’t see it so he was like just standing on the water! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe add something to the surf board?

yeah i was thinking about adding a light orange color… I’ll work on that. :slight_smile: thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:

we are here to serve :wink:

(orange should look cool… just as long as it doesnt match his tan lol!)

ooh, taking a second look at it… have you made a bit of a mistake with the layering of your vectors or something… or did you forget to draw a bit… his stomach is all wrong… check out the screen

hey jubba, that looks really nice… great job

good call ac…

no problemo :cowboy:

i really like this…excellent work man

have you ever thought about centering the image vertically? like have the top half above it light blue and the bottom part below it dark blue? just a thought.


lol actually I was thinking about it, but haven’t had time to actually test anything out… been too busy screwing with the database…

Great pic!

However, the bottom part of his shadow, where the arm shadow could be, is kinda strange.