Splash jpg comments

Hey all, I am putting together my site, and I wanted some opinions on my first draft of a graphic for my splash page, you can see it at

Just pay attention to the larger graphic in the middle everything else is just temp to fill the gaps. I’ll add text to the pic, but for now this is the base I am starting with.

Any and all opinions welcome!


this is a good start, but looks a bit busy…

think of focal points, where do you want the persons eye to travel?

I’d kick up the contrast and saturation on some of hte picture parts, take a good look at movie posters… they have great focal points and many have subdued backgrounds like the one you have.

Since it is all subdued, im not sure where to look. Though it is obvious you spent much time in photoshop with this…:slight_smile:


thanks for the input! I agree with you… I am planning on using this as a modeling block if you will and trim off the excess, good point about focal points and movie posters…
Thanks again… please anyone I’d love to hear many ideas, comments, and esp things you dont like about it - as this will only help me make it better!!! Thanks


I agree with Firestarter, but kind of a different view of it. When I go to a splash page, I like it to load quickly so that I can access the meat of the site. When I go to yours, it takes a while for the whole scene to load, and also there is so much going on that, as firestarter said, you don’t know where to look. Maybe consider decreasing the file size somehow. However, that splash is VERY VERY good, just too busy. :slight_smile:


what do you think about this: I was thinking about possibly cutting the pic in half… probably just below the stripe of squares and only use the top half - do you think this would get rid of the clutter or just look unfinished… my other option is to try and combine the elements in smaller size and more horizontally orientated in order to achieve a more linear flow for the viewers eyes… just some ideas I havent tried yet - but would love some comments.
Thanks so far!