Just a test

i dont think this will work but…

kirupa: I just deleted the other two replies you made and left the ones with some content in it instead :wink:

could most likely do away with this but if not and theres someone new that wants a really simple way to publish thier foter ask away

So what is your new way? I’d love to hear any insight you have in it.

nice footer by the way. :wink:

wow, that was funn… ok, I wont do that again… I’ll leave it up though because it’s interesting… you can see I was testing something too. :slight_smile:

what i had to do since i dont have a place to post my work on the web is start a basic geocities account, then create a page and fo to file/upload images and upload my swf. into my file log. geocities wont support flash as far as i know so you cant load it into the page. what you can do however is go to file/file manager and find your uploaded file there. once you click on it it will bring it up in a new browser window for you to view, for some reason though when you import it to ezboards the background color you have set for your movie clip wont transfer in.
to correct it i just went and added a rectangle larger than my movie clip into my movie and placed it in the bottom layer. im sure theres eaasier ways to get around it (or more appropriate) but for someone looking for a place to publish a swf file to use as a footer this isnt too much work, and its free. this also works for other images like your url for your custom pic and so forth

cool… good advice for people looking for free space.

Of course there are other places to get free space that are a little less problematic. I’m hoping to put together a list of a couple of free space providers I’ve in the past. :slight_smile:

that would be nice, i just chose geocities because its extremely user friendly for the most part in its basic function. alot i found want to run you in circles it seems

the geocities thing may not be a good idea, kirupa says it causes the posts to freeze at times grrrr