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Ok, so it isn’t a flash site, but I haven’t had time to work on my Flash Version yet. Hopefully I will find time, first to learn more about Flash and then to build at least a halfway decent Flash Version.

Until then can you check out http://www.lostinbeta.com/ and tell me what you think? It still needs a few touchups that I am going to get to later, but give me your Good and Bad comments anyways.

Hey there,

I looked over your site, and I thought it was very well done. I know this forum is geared towards flash (and hey, it rocks), but your site just goes to show you that you don’t always need Flash to make something that’s really worth seeing.

Nice work and have a good one,


P.S - I liked your “forgotten” picture a lot from your portfolio section.

Hey Uthar,

Thanks for the compliments=) When I get used to Flash I will definitely be making a Flash Version. I can’t wait. I am glad you liked my HTML version though, I worked extremely hard on it. Whenever I get my Flash Version running I will definitely be posting in this forum.


One thing I forgot to ask, what exactly did you use to make that? Dreamweaver and some javascript functions to make the flip effects?

I’d be interested in knowing if you’re willing to part with the info.



I use Dreamweaver and to the effect is written in DHTML. Sorry, but I am not sure yet if I am willing to part with the info on how to do it. I have actually been debating that in my head, but I just can’t come to a conclusion. I might write a tutorial on it, but again, not sure.

Sorry Again


If you don’t want to, not a problem :slight_smile: Just thought I might be able to pester you enough to get some knowhow :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do eventually write a tutorial, make sure to post it up somewhere because I’ll be a runnin’ to see it.

Have a good one,


[]clever site
]I don’t think desktops qualify as a ‘portfolio’ per se. Consider changing the name of that section to ‘exhibition’ or some such.
[*]When asked how you created your scrolling nav, you replied, “Sorry, but I am not sure yet if I am willing to part with the info on how to do it.” Lame. First, scripting languages do not permit the same kind of copyright protections as compiled languages. For one thing, anyone can just view source - for another, everyone is basically trying to accomplish the same things with these languages (and pretty much already have) so any claim to the rights on a script will be taken lightly. Furthermore, this is a site for sharing information - why ask for a sitecheck and eschew the opportunity to help someone else.
[/list]In the spirit of the final above bullet, here is a disection of the navigation used on the lostinbeta site:

To begin, the site uses iframes (inline frames) to include the navigation and content as seperate html documents. (The iframe tag has a src attribute that can be used for declaring the content of the frame as a URI.)

The content section of the page is an iframe which includes a document called content.htm which is basically one big table as wide as all of the content for all the sections (the content for each section is in its own iframe.)

The navigation calls a short function that uses the scrollTo method to scroll the contents of the content iframe to the desired x coordinate (which ends up being section number multiplied by section width.)

:pirate: yar


Ok, so I see someone on this board has an attitude problem.

First off, Not everything in my Portfolio are Desktops. I think I may have like 4 tops out of about 40.

This board is for information on Flash buddy. If I wish to part with my information on Javascript, I will do it on my site, not on a Flash Messageboard.

I don’t appreciate you snooping through my site to rip off my code, but I suppose you don’t care because you’re one of those people who think everything in life is free right (just guessing). You can tell just by looking that all my content is iframes, that is common sense. And I don’t hide my links, so that is obvious that I am using a scrollTo function also. So if you wasted your time rooting through my code, sorry to tell you, you overlooked the obvious. And even though it is somewhat obvious how I did it, there is still more than meets the eye.

Even though I did post my site here for criticism and suggestions on it, your criticisms are geared towards me, not my site.

Oh yeah, and I appreciate the Very Clever remark:) (no that is not sarcasm)

Ok, so I see someone on this board has an attitude problem.
This from the frood who complains about ad hominem attacks. :-\

Simmer down, dude. For one thing, I gave and again offer props on a clever site. As far as the criticism about your portfolio section, that was an honest criticism - it is my experience that people in the industry assume that ‘porfolio’ means ‘commercial/commissioned works.’ The comment wasn’t meant to be a dis’.

As far as the ‘rooting through [your] code’ is concerned, I was just trying to help this dude that asked you how to do something (that you yourself claim is trivial.) If its so freaking obvious, why get all pretentious and circumspect about it - just help the guy - he’s just trying to learn.


Yeah, I definitely need to stop posting at night. I start reading things wrong and I get irritable. Not good. I still do take the last comment kind of personally, but I reread the other two, and they ARE suggestions, so why I got mad at those, I have no clue.

I use the term portfolio, because portfolio to me means a collection of works by a person, which are meant to be shown to people of interest. It may not be the official meaning of course, but it is my meaning. So I think that answers that one:)

I did thank you for the Clever comment.

I actually started writing the tutorial earlier today(but how were you supposed to know that? - when I am tired I don’t think like that), and I still am not sure if I will post it on my site (and I know what you think about that already), but I most likely will if I already went threw the trouble of starting it.

Again, sorry for blowing up, but I still do take the last comment personally.

Some Questions:
What is a frood? (not in my standard lingo)
and Why do you use so many big words? Even though I do know what they mean, it is just weird seeing them in basic context.

I still do take the last comment personally
I assume you are referring to my suggestion that your not helping that guy was pretentious. I don’t mean to offend, but he clearly didn’t want to ‘steal your code,’ and as I mentioned, you can’t expect legal protection for your scripts - so why hide your techniques? Of all the developers I have met, those that hid their methods were either 1) protecting their investment (they were developing proprietary apps,) or 2) they were employing secrecy for political purposes (in other words they were being egoistic jerks - or trying to get a promotion over their competition by hoarding information - but usually, jerks.) Forgive me for my zealousness - I didn’t have to care about this particular thread - I just got a bit too excited. :wink:

What is a frood? (not in my standard lingo)
It means, approximately, ‘dude.’ It’s from the Douglas Adams books (“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe,” and so on)

Why do you use so many big words? Even though I do know what they mean, it is just weird seeing them in basic context.
I can’t help it. It’s like people with Tourette’s syndrome - I unconsciously type big words. :wink:

Just kidding - actually, I’m just really nerdy. For example, I read the dictionary (The Oxford English Dictionary to be precise.) I can also fart the Gettysburg Address, but that is another story.


I know Uthar didn’t want to steal my code, but you know, when you work on something for a while, you want it to be yours at least for a little while. I would have eventually lightened up about it. It’s like, I worked hard on it, and at the moment I didn’t want to just throw it for free. Then after I posted that message, I started thinking that it wasn’t a bad idea to write a tutorial. So I started. It is of course going to be a basic tutorial of the code, not as advanced as I have it on my site, just to make for a simpler, easier to understand tutorial.

Ah, ok, I got it now. Frood means dude.

I used to use big words a lot too, I suppose that’s how I knew what they meant. I had to stop because my family and friends had to ask me what the hell I was saying all the time. It annoyed them that they couldn’t understand, and me because I hated having to repeat myself in simpler terms. HAHA=)

Hey guys,

Heh… I ended up posting that while I was at work, and man there’s been a flurry of activity on here since. Just to add a few things on this site: You’re right, I didn’t just want to view source my way to your code for a few reasons:

  1. I know some people might do that, but I don’t unless I’m given permission

  2. It might actually get me the code that you used, but to me that’s pointless without actually understanding what it is I’m using.

  3. I gotta give respect to something I want to learn from, and generally stealing doesn’t accomplish this :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I guess at the time (since I’m just at the very beginning of reworking my site to try and produce something like some of the really awesome and inspiring things I’ve seen on the net) I thought I might like to use your code if you were willing to part with it. Now that I’m thinking it over, it wouldn’t really make my site all that original since you’re using it quite well in your site. As to you wanting to keep the code to your site because you worked on it a long time… I understand. It’d be a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach if you worked on a site for a month toget everything working, and somebody ups and steals your code in 5 minutes.

I’m happy your site turned out really well, and it does look like quite the beauty.

I think that’s about all I gotta say…

have a good one guys,


>>>PS - When I was looking through your site I noticed that you gave thanks to Stefan Seifarth for teaching (not sure if this means you did it from scratch on your own or with a bit of help) you about the slide effect you used. Anyways, if you’re still writing a tutorial, let me know :slight_smile:

I am willing to part with it now. So if you change your mind and decide to use it, drop me an e-mail and I will let you know when I get the tutorial done.

Stefan Seifarth taught me the basic way of doing this. Which is pretty much what my tutorial will be. And since the tutorial I am writing isn’t exactly what I have on my site, it is up the person using the tutorial to adapt it however they want and make it more or less advanced.

I think i’d still be interested it knowing how it was done, I’ll just probably use it for another site besides my personal one. As to me having to edit the basic code to fit my needs, that’s part of the fun of building a site :slight_smile:



Editing code is part of the fun of building a site. I started off using a WYSIWYG editor (like geocities), but I got so bored, so I decided to learn code. It made things so much more interesting, and I just kept up with it. I like learning HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, etc.

Keeping along with how coding is more interesting, when I got flash, I sort of got bored animating all my stuff (mostly because I sucked at it), then I found out about Actionscript, and it definitely makes things fun. I just need to learn more about it before I can do anything REALLY interesting.

I will try to have the tutorial done by this weekend. Hopefully it comes out good.

Oh, by the way Uthar, I love the new Flash Footer. It is great. I saw something like that on www.ultrashock.com, but yours is somehow more interesting, I like how it spirals.


Yeah unfortunately my footer wasn’t completely original. It was based upon a tutorial from the personal site of the author of Flash Super Samurai. Or maybe it was one of his affiliates… now I can’t remember. But anywho, I basically just modified some of the code and changed what art it uses to duplicate and get the final product.

I’m glad you like it though, I was kind of happy with the end product myself. (at least it was way better than the old one I made up… I kinda got sick just looking at those lines warping all over the place).

All I need to do know is replace my charlie brown character with some sort of neat image and I’ll be all set.

As to your tutorial in the works… excellent… (think mr.burns). I bet it’ll be purdy schweet.

Have a good one,


AWESOME site Beta

Thanks Hojo=) :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Very smooth site Beta, it looks really good.
And I don´t mean to be pedantic phaedrus, but it was “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy