Just relaunched site

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Pretty good, I like it. It’s content rich and nicely layed out. Transitions are smooth and nicely timed. Only thing I’m not too fond of is the colors, but thats just me. Good job. =)

Thanks for the feedback…haven’t had anyone comment on colors before :wink:

I don’t know I liked the colors. Clean simple and very nicly laid out. Loved the preloader. Hated the popup window. All and all very nice site:)

PS: Looking for any cheap Canadian contract labor. HAHA:P

lol…not at the moment, but I’ll keep you in mind.
Thanks for the feedback. Shocked at how few people actually post any comments or criticism.

For some reason its hard to keep this section active. I use to post a lot here but had been away for a while. I’m jus tcatching up on my reviews. I personaly like to look at other ppl’s work and offer and opinon.

PS: Just remember with the exchange rate Canadian’s can work for less:P

Once again, I’m not keen on pop-up windows, but a lot of that seems to be going on recently. :frowning:

Otherwise, I love your little preloader, I think that’s much better than just a plain bar. Gives you something to watch whilst your waiting.

And I love the little box-y menu along the top right with the elatic bar underneath. That’s a very nice effect.

Had a couple of complaints about opening the new window, thing is I really wanted to control what size the movie is being played at, plus there are two different size files depending on your monitor resolution…wanted to account for people on a 800x600 screen so I pop a different size window in that instance.

Thanks for the feedback…maybe I’ll try to come up with some alternative method.

i like it, nice job. im not to fond of the intro however. you put text up, to grab visitors attention, but you kind of get distracted because of the arrow’s, line’s and boxes flying around all over the place. maybe its just me. :stuck_out_tongue:

good work though!

nice! a lotta boxes you’ve got over there! :slight_smile:
maybe make the elastic thing that moves when you rollover a button more elastic :slight_smile:

It seems the intro is taste thing…gotten some great feedback and some just hated it…anyway we’ll be swapping it out with others and also be putting in an option to skip it all together right from the intro page.

the preloader was good i guess…never realized it was loading the page, i thogutht it was just some thing that said enter or soemthin :slight_smile: anyways i dont’ really like the color much either…just my opinion

Good use of colors that work well together and text that is readable.

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for the compliment on the preloader.

Didn’t expect so much commentary on the color :sigh:

Doesn’t get much better than this.

I give it :beam: :beam: :beam: :beam: :beam: out of 5.