K-Team One: Contact Thread-

ok the other thread was getting a bit messy so i felt i should make a new one where we can all put down our AIM or MSN names and get in contact.

Mike aka mdipi
AIM: mdipi778
MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: donno, its in my profile

like the third time i give it out on this board… :stuck_out_tongue:

AIM: geekyPixel
MSN: Cubic_a
Yahoo!IM: swf_builder

Since I’m a part of all teams actually… hehe

AIM : SupaMarMar
YAH : playamarz
MSN : [email protected]

There ya go… E-mail is the same as my MSN name…

aim= notnowtom
msn= [email protected]

theres a mirc room at irc://irc.enterthegame.com/kirupa

we shud use that to connect


remember that thread which went on forever about how the spambots was attracted to the emails and you posted Fake emails to fool it? =) just a reminder

nova: lol :stuck_out_tongue:

here comes the spam to all those that posted here… enjoy it!:stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer using this format: email AT site DOT com

Use the spaces too, most sniffers will find it if you dont… hell some new ones may find what I just posted, but its the best way to avoid it now (well the best way is to NEVER have your email posted anywhere on the net, but…:sigh: )


Thanks to my companys’ incredibly tight firewall, I can’t access MSN, AIM or Yahoo Messengers… I’m afraid I’m going to have to rely on forum posts and PMs. Alternatively there is my email, which to avoid spambots (thanks for reminding us all, Mak) you can find in my profile. :slight_smile: