haha i was wandering around my provate messages and came across it. didnt really take off did it lol


go back again its mad theres just like me and sen and mdipi with postings of hello… any1 still here

kinda funny


need a username and password to look at it

K-Team was going to be a kirupa project team. Like Kirupaville it got a little ahead of it self before it even started. It was a good idea at the time.

lol, old memories :slight_smile:

what ever happen to all my audio player designs.

lmfao… Ohh man… I still have those bad boys up don’t I?!

lmfao… Oh man… Yeah, it went above and beyond… But I think the main fault wasn’t too high of demands… It was the little means and ways that we could communicate at the time…

It was a great idea… And I loved making things for it to try and work it out… But the communication just wasn’t there anymore… :frowning:

I wouldn’t mind restarting something like this… But I would need a more socialogic team :slight_smile: Including me lmfao

*Originally posted by sintax321 *
K-Team was going to be a kirupa project team

so what was if for exactly? like a forum for joint projects worked on by people from kirupa?

I think we wanted to make an MP3 player :slight_smile: Actually, some of the mods started working on one too, but it feel into oblivion after a while :frowning:

I think it just happened at the wrong time POM… Everyone got extremely busy and noone could communicate with each other… So… :-\

Ohh and btw… There were two teams…

Kteam 1 was making the chat room in flash…
Kteam 2 was making the mp3 player in flash.

There were good times and awesome styles… But noo coordination by means of forums or members… So everyhting fell fell fell… And everyone got extremely busy too :slight_smile:

I joining team 2 and here is the some AS

Mp3Player = function (songList, songDesc, statusText, stratVolume, maxVolume, volumeClip, slideClip) {
	this.songList = songList;
	this.soundObject = new Sound();
	this.soundObject._parent = this;
	this.songTitle = statusText;
	this.songTitle.html = true;
	this.songDesc = songDesc;
	this.maxVolume = maxVolume;
	this.volumeClip = volumeClip.clip;
	this.volFrameCount = volumeClip.frame;
	this.songNum = 0;
	this.slideClip = slideClip;
	this.slideClip.slider._parent = this;
	this.slideClip.slider._x = Math.round(this._volumeMp3/(this.maxVolume/this.slideClip.maxX));
Mp3Player.prototype.makeSlider = function() {
	this.slideClip.slider.onPress = function() {
		this.startDrag(true, 0, 0, this._parent.slideClip.maxX, 0);
		this.onMouseMove = function() {
			this._parent._volumeMp3 = Math.round(this._x/(this._parent.slideClip.maxX/this._parent.maxVolume));
	this.slideClip.slider.onRelease = this.slideClip.slider.onReleaseOutside=function () {
		this._parent._volumeMp3 = Math.round(this._x/(this._parent.slideClip.maxX/this._parent.maxVolume));
		delete this.onMouseMove;
Mp3Player.prototype.loadMp3 = function(vol) {
	trace("strated loading");
	this._status == "loading";
	this.songTitle.text = "Loading: <b>"+this.songDesc[this.songNum]+"</b>";
	this.soundObject.onLoad = function(success) {
		if (success) {
			trace("finished loading");
			this._parent._status = "stop";
		} else {
			this._parent.songTitle.htmlText = "<b>"+this._parent.songDesc[this._parent.songNum]+"</b> can not be found!";
Mp3Player.prototype.playMp3 = function() {
	if (this._status == "stop") {
		this.songTitle.htmlText = "Playing: <b>"+this.songDesc[this.songNum]+"</b>";
		this.soundObject.start(this._offset, 999);
		this._status = "playing";
Mp3Player.prototype.stopMp3 = function() {
	this.songTitle.htmlText = "Stopped: <b>"+this.songDesc[this.songNum]+"</b>";
	this._status = "stop";
	this._offset = 0;
Mp3Player.prototype.pauseMp3 = function() {
	if (this._status == "playing") {
		this.songTitle.htmlText = "Paused: <b>"+this.songDesc[this.songNum]+"</b>";
		this._offset = this.soundObject.position/1000;
		this._status = "stop";
Mp3Player.prototype.nextMp3 = function() {
	if (this.songNum == this.songList.length) {
		this.songNum = 0;
Mp3Player.prototype.prevMp3 = function() {
	if (this.songNum == -1) {
		this.songNum = this.songList.length-1;
Mp3Player.prototype.addProperty("_volumeMp3", function () {
	return this.soundObject.getVolume();
}, function (vol) {
	this.slideClip.slider._x = Math.round(vol/(this.maxVolume/this.slideClip.maxX));
	if (vol>this.maxVolume) {
		this.slideClip.slider._x = this.slideClip.maxX;
	if (vol<0) {
		this.slideClip.slider._x = 0;

i made this a while ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol i have a finished MP3 player. I never want to take on something that complicated again.

Yeah… AS wasn’t our problem… But we were making it extremely dynamic, song list, play lists with the editor and all that stuff… Being able to take it out of folders too… It was an impressive project… And I was hoping for it. :slight_smile:

I think there was a lot of to many cooks in the kitchen going on. Thats why i stayed out of it and jsut observed.

*Originally posted by sintax321 *
**I think there was a lot of to many cooks in the kitchen going on. Thats why i stayed out of it and jsut observed. **


I swear, you are way too smart to be stuck out there next to Newfie Land…


Ahh… Another good point sintax… I wouldn’t mind having a huge project… For like… 3-4 months ongoing… and have a winning team at the end.,. 2 people working together… :slight_smile: But a team of mods and others would pick the teams out of the ones who wnat to join.

You jsut liked that i used a Cook analogy is all. And yes Rev i am to smart;)

Ooooh i would have liked to see that :smiley:

i would be able to … Window Media Player … Micosoft’s …
Does that program suck or what :evil:

Edit: you ppl post fast :-\

lmao… Yeah and at the same time… I’m working on a portal system for a customer… You just learn to think while typing :smiley:

called “stream of conciosness” posting…

and i can vouch for sintaxi’s intelligence :slight_smile:

team 1 was a website wasnt it coz i was on that team it would have been good we had a irc chat room which nobody except me and diablo went to lol the communication was just shocking like u said marz