Karen Hall & Co


[size=1]Karen Hall & Co. is an innovative and progressive design group. Providing on-site hair and makeup services for models, brides, and the performing arts. Karen Hall & Co. also offers salon consulting, which specializes in retail sales, marketing, and education. Karen Hall & Co. brings education to a higher level by providing hands on makeup artistry training in the fields of Bridal and photo shoot.[/size]

The objective was to give Karen a new clean, sleek, and professional look to match her innovative and sought after bridal, colorguard, and theatrical looks.

Fully integrated, CMS. Allowing her to change everything from the text, text formats, links, and pictures.

Concept & Design [size=1]and a tiny tiny bit of development[/size]
www.sum-d.com aka www.beyondthepixel.com

Development & Coding [size=1]all the hard stuff… that makes the site run[/size]
everyone’s favorite little genius - Voetsjoeba :hugegrin: www.voetsjoeba.com

You can see a tiny little visual case study here:

[size=1][COLOR=“Gray”]If you don’t like fullscreen sites, and don’t bother to visit or comment about it. There is a purpose for the fullscreen. If you feel like it’s “invasion” then get off the web, and get over yourself, cause it’s not the only thing accessing your computer on the web.[/COLOR][/size]

nice to see this live :slight_smile:

You know i like this already, nice work guys :wink:

If you don’t like fullscreen sites, and don’t bother to visit or comment about it. There is a purpose for the fullscreen. If you feel like it’s “invasion” then get off the web, and get over yourself, cause it’s not the only thing accessing your computer on the web.

Good god, a bit touchy before anyone comments on anything don’t ya think Simp?

Anyways, I think it’s very well structured and the fact that it’s CMS controlled for her is a big plus. The design is easy on the eyes but not eye popping, but that’s not to say it doesn’t work. When I went to the ‘style’ part of the site and had to hover over the pics to see the next one of that category, I don’t know if that was the best approach to use for this type of “gallery” or whathave you…

All in all I think it’s a good site and well done. I hope that the client is pleased. :thumb:

Nope… cause someone always mentions it :wink: and it wasn’t reflecting the ppl who would be commenting… only those who would mention the fullscreen :wink: and how it’s invasive… blah blah.

Yeah I can understand the point.

looks great … just one thing i dont like. i dont like how it opens up in a full windo … j/k

I dont like how the bgpictures (right hand large photos) just disappear when you click on a different menu link. The rest of the site transitions really well but these pictures just disappear. I doesn’t seem consistent w/ the “smoothness” of the rest of the site.

just me

Hey Simp, Voets nice work guys !! – looks great - I love the home page ( news area etc the best) …

One small comment : I would change the line “laoding XML” to something more friendly and relevant to the site - perhaps loading experience / content etc… XML only makes sense to coders :):slight_smile:

Apart from that - lovely stuff :slight_smile:

nice work guys. here are just a few things i noticed and would consider changing:

  • adding a close button for the recent news mc popup
  • moving up the national freelance directory and elite links b/c they get partially blocked on 1024x768 in IE7. possibly add a hover caption to these as well
  • the “view portfolio” feature acts a bit funny b/c when you click on a thumbnail to show the enlarged photo, it whips right back to the thumbnails.
  • it’s awesome how the photo slides out when you click “national packages” or “book online”. i wish the other pages transitioned like that.
  • in “style”, the 03 link doesn’t seem to work
  • bridal coordinator is misspelled in recent news>attention brides. also there is a broken link (www.www.wwbyvon.com)
  • maybe it’s just my machine, but the transitions lag a bit
  • maybe add a favicon
  • add DOCTYPE and meta tags to the html file

nice work guys. here are just a few things i noticed and would consider changing:

  • it’s awesome when the photos slide out for the transition. doing this site wide could be really nice.
  • i completely missed the “view portfolio” feature the first few times i went through the site. it would be great to show it briefly the first time a user goes to the page.
  • the “view portfolio” part acts kind of funny in how it whips right back to the thumbnails after you’ve selected an image. there’s also no easy way to just view it like a slideshow, which i think is ideal.
  • add DOCTYPE and meta tags to the original html file
  • in recent news>featured referrals, bridal coordinator is misspelled. there’s also a broken link (www.www.wwbyvon.com)
  • in IE7 1024x768, the national freelance directory and elite link images get partially cut off. maybe move them up slightly.
  • maybe it’s just me, but the transitions lag slightly.
  • the 03 link in “style” doesn’t seem to work.
  • in “style”, it might be beneficial to move to the next image when the user clicks.
  • maybe add a favicon.

it’s funny, normally i’m one to not like popups or browser resizes, but i’ve always said there are exceptions. and for me, the most important exception is when a site is showing large images, which this one does. so in this case, i do actually think it’s appropriate and not really invasive.

i think its ok, just needs work on transitioning the pics

thanks guys. pixi i like the suggestion :smiley:

as for the other things… anything text wise and what not is all client stuff. the point of the cms is to keep it outta our hands and put it into theirs, so things like that aren’t really my problems.

the slideshow doesn’t make sense because it’s not a slideshow.

style, 03 doesn’t work cause she hasn’t uploaded images.

i think that we may move the view portfolio to the upper right instead of lower right. cause of the way the eyes read the screen (soulty mentioned it I think to me b4)

in ie, extra toolbars aside from the original default ones… ie… google bar, yahoo bar… etc. it will do that with the banner links.

doctype… got ya… we are actually putting together all the meta information for SEO.

thanks for the feedback :smiley:

i love the simplicity of it, nicely done menu, cool color combinations, nice fonts, everything is great!
only thing is the transitions lag a bit on my comp

Absolutely awesome! :thumb:

I really like everything in it… it’s a good thing I declined your request, because I would’ve brought it way down! (This was the site you asked me about, right?)

It’s really cool. :slight_smile:

Looking pimp. I love black grey and pink, so thats won me over. Impressive client side if she can maintain it all too :smiley:

My transitions lag a bit too, not sure why…most other sites run fine on my lil lappy.

I think the portfolio button does need to be a bit more explicit, i missed it the first few times too.

Thanks again guys… I may have an idea of what the problem w/ the lag you all seem to have may be… I’ll talk to voets when I get a chance.

:lol: no this isn’t the site. The one I was askin you about was I need about 10 forms that were using tables to be converted into tableless forms based off the xHTML and CSS template that I had put together. I was givin a tight deadline so I was lookin for someone who would do it similtaneously while I was workin on the other parts of the site. But I ended up doin them and gettin it all done in the timeframe… was just a rush :lol:

This is a very nice site… and with good cms this will rock for the client…

great job… nothing that I think of to comment on…

Wow this came out really nice sim im loving your transitions. The colors also fit perfectly with the rest of the site and knowing that she can change pretty much anything is definitely impressive.

Great job as always,

I’m not a fan of pop up sites OR full screen sites… But it is a nice site, good job.


Ah well… :stuck_out_tongue:

but have you and voets thought about adding slideshow functionality? right now, the user basically has to go through four steps for each photo they want to look at:

  1. hover over the large image
  2. find the next thumbnail
  3. click the thumbnail
  4. hover off the large image

that process gets pretty cumbersome, especially if someone wants to view all the photos. adding previous/next buttons would drastically cut down how much the user has to think and act.