Keeps going to frame 1

I have a MC on stage that plays a motion tween which covers the stage when a button is clicked. At the end of this motion tween it has a loadMovie command. When the movie loads then it plays the motion tween that reveals the stage (this is all in one single MC which is on my main timline). So this is what’s going on.

On my buttons i have

on (release) {
//as you can tell, this is the contact button

Then on the frame with the loadMovie command (this is right after the motion tween that covers the stage) it says:

loadMovie(_global.nextMovie, "_root.container");

then on the first frame of the movie that is being loaded (contact.swf in this case):

this.onEnterFrame = function() {
	//checks to see if the external movie (this) is fully loaded
	if (this.getBytesLoaded()<this.getBytesTotal()) {
		Total = this.getBytesTotal()/1000;
		Received = this.getBytesLoaded()/1000;
		percentage = (Received/Total)*100;
		//tell the progress bar animation (located in the cover mc)
		//to go to a frame between 0 and 100;
	} else {
		//when its fully loaded
		//tell the cover mc to play its opening animation
		//turn of the enterFrame action
		this.onEnterFrame = null;

I made this months ago and it works perfectly. Now i’m doing it again and it works this time too. Although this time if you click on say the home button. Then you click on the contact button, then my movie goes back to frame #1 in my main timeline!!! Frame one is where all the animations come in and introduce the nav bar, the footer, etc. Anyone know why this is happening?

if I left something out then please let me know