Play remaing MC if loaded

I have a MC with two motion tweens inside of it (one right after another) and I have a stop action at the end of the first motion tween. So how can I say if movie loaded and first motion tween is complete then go and play the next motion tween?

hope this makes sense :beam:


That sounds like you need to add this code at the stop




Regards Barrie

did you read my first post?

right now it’s playing the second motion tween when my movies fully loaded … but the movie is fully loaded before the first tween is ever over so how can I get it to check to make sure the first tween is finished AND the movie is fully loaded


Can’t you use code similar to a preloader? Like the getBytesLoaded stuff. Then you can say
if (bytesLoaded == 100% or whatever) {

I just try’d putting “myFlag = 1;” after the first tween … then on the maintimeline i put

if (_root.getBytesLoaded() >= _root.getBytesTotal() && myFlag == 1) {

this does not work though :frowning:


i got it!!! … just turned out to be a scope problem