Keyboard problemo

okay here is the 411, everyone knows that when you hold the shift key and type it turns into capital letters, but lately my keyboard hAs been playing up And adds random capital letters everywhere, and when i go to use the shift key to write in capitAls it acts like the tab key… if anyone can help me pleaSe do so because i love my shift key…

i have left this msg unaltered to show you whAt my keyboard does. i cAnt even do exclamation marks…


seems like the only letter being capitalized is A. It might be that the Shift key on your keyboard has shifted so it gets pressed when you hit A at times and not work anytime else. Open up your keyboard and investigate.

Did ya spill somethin on it?

there’s an S capitalized in there too, at least, although considering how close those two letters are, maybe something’s causing a short there or simmilar.

  1. Try to open it up.
  2. Buy a new keyboard.

Holy carp, I knew they were cheap but this is ridiculous!

You can try opening it up and blowing it out or something. I think I’ve even heard of people washing their keyboards (don’t hold me to that), but for $3.95 you can get a brand new one!


I’ve washed my keyboard before, as a matter of fact, put it in the dishwasher. Of course, I’m only talking about the outer parts and the keys. I used a moist cloth on the internal parts.

I tied mine to the top of my car and went trough the carwash a couple of times.

Unfortunately my laptop was attached to my keyboard.


Unfortunately my laptop was attached to my keyboard.


lol, yeaH i think i might go out aNd buy a new fan-dAngled one.

ohhh the possibilites…