Kid got expelled for saying his teacher had a nice ***

We found out today at school about what happen. Basically what happen, this Yr.9 student from my school had a class with a recent new teacher joining the school. She pretty hot but this kid just went up to her in class and said, “Miss, you have a nice as$.” Then somehow the principal found out and the kid was instantly expelled.

Well I laughing my head off :smiley: for one thing since the kid was bold enough and took one for the team but on the other hand, him getting expelled? :puzzled: I mean, ok maybe it was out of line, “unappropriate” from a teacher’s mouth but wouldnt it be just ok if the kid was sent to the Year Co-ordinator and privately spoken to? Maybe if not so, just a detention? God, im thinking the teacher should be happy he said, that, take the compliment but the again, my school is somewhat “strict” and “out of date”.

What do you guys think?
a) The kid should have been expelled
b) Warning or a private word
c) detention