Automated School Answering Service

My own version of a school’s automated phone service – all taken from personal experience. =0)


To complain about how your child’s detentions cut into babysitting – Press 1

To complain about the pop machines being empty – Press 2

To complain about the principal wearing white socks – Press 3

To complain about why the coach called a pass play on 2nd down – Press 4

To defend your child’s habit of chewing tobacco in PE class – Press 5

To complain about the superintendent wearing a shirt from Montana – Press 6

To complain about this year’s upcoming Prom – Press 7

To complain about the shade of white chosen to paint the restrooms – Press 8

To justify your child’s mooning a vehicle on the Interstate – press 9

To squeal about the custodial staff taking too many breaks – press 0

[I’m only getting started. LOL!]

lol, you’re a high school principal? if you ever go through with this, give me the number of your school :stuck_out_tongue:

I take offense to number 9. It was justified. They TRIPLE dawg dared me. You can’t turn that down.

Are you from Minnesota or Pennsylvania dexa?


I’m from ND. I love my job, but some of the circumstances are just plain … well … you know. :wink:

Life in school administration is quite a wonder. (-:

Dang, thought I placed it with the pop. Guess north dakotians have that same kinda accent.

BTW, high school administrators are satanic and have no hearts.

:scream: Yeah, and grumpy all the time too! :angry: