Kids suck

They might be intelligent for their age or whatever but I’ve noticed that the majority of young kids these days sucks. Not that I have any contact with them but when someone does bring kids to our house, they usually turn out to be annoying little selfish brats. Just today, my cousin came to visit with her husband and two kids.

One is cool, aged like 12 or something, the other is 5 or 6 years old or something, total douchebag. The first thing my family does when someone comes to visit with kids and I don’t manage to sneak out of the house beforehand is put me on computer game duty. You know, you’re the guy with who playes those games and stuff, show some of those games to those kids, they’re games after all.

The trick is here, see. When I was a kid this guy came around our house that I knew and installed like 5 DOS games on my comp. I didn’t know how to play them at first, they weren’t like totally entertaining when I first turned them on, I didn’t know what to do, but I figured out how to run them from the DOS prompt and then how to play them and those 5 games entertained me for a whole year. Apart from doing stuff normal kids did those days.

But now I show this kid some flash game, he plays it for like five seconds and then he’s all THIS GAME IS BORING SHOW ME ANOTHER GAME and then I sigh, show him another one, he plays it for one minute and says HE WANTS ANOTHER GAME. I mean what can I do, I didn’t really feel it was appropriate to tell the kid to go screw himself in front of his mother, despite my desires. So then he says he wants one of those 3D GAMES WHERE YOU SHOOT PEOPLE, and then what am I supposed to do? He sucks at simple flash games, what am I now supposed to teach this kid how to play Battlefield 2?

This has happened a few times when young kids came to our house and I got computer game duty, and every time they turned out to be spastic brats with a two second attention and a desire for instant fulfillment, bob forbid they found out how something works by themselves.
Kids should be shot. I remember they used to be semi-cool but in this modern age, they’re a complete nuisance.