Kingdom Rush!

I seem to be the last person to have discovered this game, but I am addicted to it!

It was originally a Flash game, and it still has a lot of that nice vectoriness to its look and feel :grinning:

Anybody else play it?


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I played it back when it was a Flash game on the web and replayed it several times when they made apps for my phone. Coincidentally, I downloaded it again just last week. You should try the sequels too!

Yes! I finished the original, Frontiers, and am close to finishing Origins. I am picky about winning every level with 3 stars at the most difficult (Veteran) setting, and the later “bonus” levels after the main story are really difficult…for me! :baby_chick:

The game is really fun. The visuals, the sound, and the gameplay are perfect.

@TheCanadian - I started playing Iron Marines by the same publisher, and it is a lot of fun! Highly recommend it if you like the KR art style with a StarCraft-style gameplay :grinning:

@kirupa I just saw this today: IRON MARINES INVASION - Ironhide Game Studio

GREAT FIND. I had no idea about this. Pre-ordering this and can’t wait to play it once it comes out.

I just pre-ordered it, and the game won’t be out until November! :calendar: