Kinko's and their stupid rules

So i went to kinko’s to bind a book. Since mine is quite complex and I want it to be perfect [proposal for my final thesis] so I asked this guy -he’s kinda old but kind- if it was possible or not. So he went to his manager who is a big fat arsehole. After a long discussion with his manager he came back and told me that he couldn’t do it. I asked why. He said it was because in the sample he saw a logo [logo for my project] and some other elements that I have to prove their legitimate, that I was the one who made it.

So yea he asked for a copyright for those elements… the logo, the wireframe and all that sh*t… I was like… what the f**k. I told him that I was the designer it was mine, and it was a school project.

So he went to his manager again and this time the manager raised his voice so I could hear his arguments. but trust me I dont think that was the reason. He prolly just thought that mine was just too hard to be bound, so he tried to find some silly excuses.

so I went to a different kinko’s and I have no problem with that. I even asked the guy there. He said it was okay. of course it is.