Kirupa! I need a change on the best of Kirupa forum

I can’t stand that threaded topic method of displaying the posts. Can you change that to the standard format?

plus I need mod powers in there so that I can delete people’s signatures. :slight_smile:

“and one mo thing…”

if you can, take out the option for people to post in there, other than the mods. That way we don’t have clutter of new posts in there.

(the above quote is a reference to Jackie Chan Adventures, in case no one knew it. I’m a big fan of uncle)

Sorry about that upuaut! I just fixed both the issues, and I made you a moderator of all the forums on my site (didn’t know there was a ‘Global’ option)


nope… thank you… :slight_smile:

it would help me if you also only post your signature once for every topic…im laggin out here with 4 of them on one page lol…but again I love your sig bro :wink:

you’re talking about mine? Sure no problem… just bear with me if I forget.

you don’t have to get rid of all of them…you can keep 1 or 2 and my PC will still run fine its just when it gets over 2 or 3 that I start to feel the turbulance if you like to call it lol

I know what you mean. But believe me… my sig is still all over the place… I didn’t need it here.

In the “Best of Kirupa” section, I’m deleting all of the sigs, and possibly various posts that are just social. I really just want it to be as much straight information as possible. That way, no one will have trouble seeing the stuff there.

sounds good :wink: