Upcoming Changes

Hi all,
Just to let everyone know that I am still here and not in some another galaxy, I’ll be posting the changes I hope to make to the site :slight_smile:

Changes in the near future include:

  • Swish 2.0 Review
  • Swift 3D V2.0 Tutorials
  • Swish 2.0 Tutorials
  • Pom’s tutorial
  • A ton of cool stuff submitted by TDF

I’ll update this list as time goes on. If anyone has anything else that needs to get up there, don’t hesitate to tell me hehe.


Hue… Actually, I don’t know what you thought about that tutorial of mine, but I really think it’s very (too) difficult to do. That’s why, I don’t know if you turned it into HTML or ASP or anything, but I’d like to change it a little bit. So maybe if you can tell me how to do it by myself, I could change it, and then send it back to you. If that’s not too much trouble for you of course. Just tell me. Because as it is, I don’t think many people here will be able to do it (that includes myself. I tried to follow step by step my tutorial and some things were… strange).

Ahh!! I hate myself for having made such a ****ty tutorial in the first place !!

pom 0]

The tutorial idea isgreat, but it was time consuming because you only included the SWF. If you would be able to include the instructions in a text program such as Notepad or so, I’ll try my best to fill in the missing details :slight_smile:


Kirupa! Need a flavor. We’ve reached a point where archiving would not only be useful, but necessary, as the Flash 5 forum is at 20 pages +. I’d like to have a new fourm added, “Best of Kirupa” where I can start moving, threads that have extremely useful information in them.

In the editing process, I’m thinking this. I first movie the thread. Then I rename it to be reflective of what ever info is actually in it. Then I edit out the sigs so as to make it just conversation.

I believe that this would help to answer a lot of those questions that get repeatedly asked. At least we’d have a convienient place to link to. In addition, anything over 20 pages just get’s dropped into oblivion so it kind of hurts to let all that good info go, you know?

If this sounds like a good idea, let me know, and create the forum. For now, I’d say close it off to anyone but me, and other mods. Any questions related to those threads could be asked in the Flash 5.0 or Flash Action Script forums, and it would keep the place sig free.

something like that anyway.

That’s a great idea, Uppy. A couple of days, I was running through the old posts, and found a great fla by Suprabeener. Would be shame to loose that, wouldn’t it ?? And that would solve the preloader problems once for all…

pom 0]

yup… I see the archive there… which is a good start… but I was thinking more along the lines of a place where certain posts were moved, then edited to be just information… then using the archive to save everything else.

That is a great idea upuaut. I’ll create a forum where all the mods can transfer or edit cool posts into. I agree; a lot of great posts are going to waste, and this method would ensure really cool posts stay ‘really cool’ for a long time!


I created the best of kirupa.com forum upuaut!

Thanks… I’ll start work on distillation of the best of Kirupa tonight

hey look! i submited a ton of cool stuff :smiley:

i feel so privilaged

just curious, how do people become mods on kirupa?


UGH! Hey tdf, sorry to bug ya like this, but I seem to have lost the e-mail containing your backgrounds. Would it be possible for you to re-send them?


is sent them again!

andway im still curious… how the lovely people of kirupaville become el moderato’s


Hey tdf,
I really don’t have a set rule on that. When people here have reached over 500-700 posts, I consider them for becoming a moderator. As of now, I have enough moderators, and I don’t think I’ll be assigning any more moderators. I’ll just wait and see :slight_smile:


haha, dont worry kirupa i wasnt asking if i could be one, just how people become them!

who are the mods around here?

TDF, I added two of your wallpapers. The others were simply too small to be used as a desktop wallpaper. That is why you may not see all of your wallpapers uploaded :frowning:


Thoriphes, those trailer animations of yours are just THE BOMB !!! Really, they’re just amazing (not polishing your shoes at all, I really think it).

Great work.

pom 0]

Hum… Kirupa, is there a way you can shift that to open source ?..

I am a mod and if I had one choice to recruit a new one then I would of course have to pick POM! Maybe its cause he has about a whole G worth of posts lol!

Ya jealous Dan ?? :smiley:
pom 0]

Only of all the spare time you have!

No spare time. I take on my hours of sleep to Flash…

pom 0]