Kirupa, It didn't help?

Hello Kirupa
Very thanks for replying so soon.
I did the way you told me, but it didn’t work.
Actually, the “scene box”(which you told to change to scene 2) in the goto in frame actions’ of a “MOVIE CLIP” is inactive and does not accept any value.
It is active in the frame actions in a “SCENE”.
So I can easily jump from one scene to the other scene but not from a movie clip to a scene.
Is this because I’m using Flash 4?
Please give an advice.Thanks.

Hey skillkhan
I’m installing Flash 4 right now…and I’ll try to see how it would be possible to link to another scene from within a movie clip.

Hello skillkhan,
I tried the method and it did not work for me either. This is quite strange as to why it does not allow for the user to change scenes from within a movie clip. It could be something that Flash 4 does not support well. I’ll keep looking into that problem though.

Hey skillkhan,
Try to see if this answer might help:…=367.topic