Go To A frame in Scene from a Movie clip

I have tried very much to go to a frame in a Scene 2 from a movie clip used in Scene 1 but cant find a way. I’ll be very thankful if anybody helps! Thanks in advance!!!:slight_smile:

Hello skillkhan,
You would use a Go To And Play statement. From actions click on the plus sign and choose Go To. From the area where it says location or scene, choose Scene 2. You can specify which frame, lable, target, etc. on Scene 2 like you normally would. That should help you.

Hello Kirupa
Very thanks for replying so soon.
I did the way you told me, but it didn’t work.
Actually, the “scene box”(which you told to change to scene 2) in the goto in frame actions’ of a “MOVIE CLIP” is inactive and does not accept any value.
It is active in the frame actions in a “SCENE”.
So I can easily jump from one scene to the other scene but not from a movie clip to a scene.
Is this because I’m using Flash 4?
Please help.Thanks.(F)