Kirupa: Javascript Bits/Tutorials

Hey Kirupa, here is part 1 of my javascript bits/tutorials.

I remember before when I asked you told me not to worry about explaining what the code does and all that instead it would be more or less copy and paste with instructions. So that’s what I did.

My first one here is the infamous centered pop up tutorial that I always have to attach (I had a .txt file that I would always have to attach to posts)

Here are some others that I coded, but still have to write up…


Automatic Screen Size Redirect:

Screen Size Redirect on Link Press:

NOTE: I will probably combine those 2 screensize redirects into 1 bit/tutorial thinger.

And I MIGHT do one for this…

But I doubt it now, that’s a lot to write, and a lot of questions I really don’t feel like dealing with.