Kirupa, thoripes, upuaut8, need your expert help!

Hi Flashmasters!
I’ve made a scrolling menu in Flash with sub-menues and there is a missfunctioning problem I don’t get to solve, although I’ve read many tutorials and seen many fla-examples.
When rolling over the last button of the menu ( from now on button 8 ), another MC is called to play the submenu scrolling effect.
Ok, now I need the button 8 to play another MC when rolling out (to make graduatelly the submenu turn off)
Until here, it’s easy and it works: I move the mouse over all 8 buttons and when it reaches the 8th button I get the effect I want. And so when I move from button 8 to button 7, the MC is played and so the submenu dissapears.
Now, the PROBLEM is, when I’m in button 8 and try to go to the submenu, Flash detects a rolling out sequence so the 2nd MC is played (and it turns off of course)
How in the world can I solve this? I’ve tried many ways to fool Flash but I just can’t!
I don’t know if I’ve explained myself clearly enough so that you can understand me (english is not my mother lang)
I can send you the .fla file (15 Kb) if you want to, no problem.

Thank you very much for your interest and your help.
Greetings everybody,


go ahead and send me your fla at [email protected] i’ll have to see what code you have, if any.

Hi Thoripes!
That’s what I call a quick answer!!
I’ve already sent you the fla file to the a.m. e-mail…
Thank you very much.


Please put s’thing else in your topics, like “Rollout problem”…
What you need is two different detection zones, one on the left for button 7 (this will be your rollout, calling the submenu to close), and one BELOW your button 8, which tells the submenu to stay open, you need to test on(rollout) if you’re in zone (left), then close, else if (you’re in zone below), stay open, else close…can you work this out?
What IS your mother-language?

Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have answered, as my ‘expert help’ was not asked for…? :wink: jokin’

Hi Eyezberg!
I consider you an expert too but I can’t name you all in the subject thing…
Thank you for your answer, nevertheless I can’t place a detection zone in button 7 to call the submenu to close, as anytime I rollover in that button, it will call the sequence. That’s ok if I’m in button 8 and go to button 7, but what if I’m in button 6 and go to the 7th?..
I tried this idea before by using conditional “flags” but I didn’t get it to work properly either.

Phew! I never thought this’d be so complicated for such an easy dessired behaviour…


PS: Thoripes, have you been able yet to have a look at the fla?? I look forward for your comments!

Nahh… eyez isnt’ talking about putting his name in the title, he’s talking about putting a discription of your problem in the title.
This would make it easier on others who also need help, to do searches on this site.
Besides, the Kirupa thoripes Upuaut8 heading is irrelivant. We all work, or school, soooooo, we answer when we can regardless of a title like that one, and don’t answer when we can’t. :slight_smile:

Not a really big deal, but I appreciate the efforts Eyez makes to this end. It’s REALLY important that we all get on people’s cases (nicely) about this kind of thing…as in the end it will only give everyone else the same benefit of knowledge that others have. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Thank you guys for your observations regarding the “subject”, I’ll keep it in mind for the next time. :slight_smile:
Now, I just want the message to go up again to the first page to have another chance of being helped as so far, I still haven’t succeed with this problem.
Really, nobody’s ever had a similar problem?
Thank you all in advance.


I could help you but I saw by the title that I am not an expert so I will not fill your ears with my newbie talk!

Just kidding! I know what you are talking about and I had the same problem to but I fixed it but forgot how so I will look at my .fla again so I can help you out! Hopefully now I am considered at least a beginner now in your eyes!

real sorry bout the delay, but school’s really getting me. i’ll try to get it as soon as possible

Thank you very much Thoripes.
Dan4885…come on…:wink:


dan4885, just by havin a lil look at what you’re able to do in Flash I DO believe you an expert Flashmaster -I’m not creepin’!-, (God if you were considered a newbie, then I would’ve already given up…!!)

Thanks for yor help bro!