Kirupa, tutorial correction

Kirupa, there is a problem in the code I sent you for the Actionscript Text Animation tutorial…the mistake is in the source code and the animation…if you want I can correct the FLA and send it again? this is what it says

_root[“char”+ii]._y = nXstart + nLNumber * nLSpace

and it should say

_root[“char”+ii]._y = nYstart + nLNumber * nLSpace

I just switched the nXstart and nYstart variables…just a minor change, but it changes the positioning of the letters…and its incorrect…it wasn’t your fault, I gave you the wrong code cuz I’m a dumbass… when you read this let me know what you want to do…

[::Also, I was curious why did you put Pom’s Drawing Board tutorial in the Flash 5 tutorial section?::]

Hey Jubba!
There is no need to send me the FLA again, I’ll modify the code instead. I put his tutorial in the ActionScript section, yet the page says Flash 5 Developers page…I should fix that :slight_smile:


Thanks, I just didn’t want to be givin’ out the wrong code.