Kirupa! Tutorial

ok i have that tutorial for the analog clock pretty much finished…i just need to know how you want me to send it to you. what you need and all that. here is the tut.\r\…orial.html\r\rlet me know if its good enough for your site.

That’s a very good tutorial, trust me. Think about another one now :smiley: \r\rpom 0]

thanks pom…i can’t really think of anything that i can do that would be helpful to other people, but i’ll give it a shot. You know what i need to send kirupa…wut does he need? the images, the swf, the fla and the HTML right?

The title says it all…\rAbout a new tutorial, try and make something innovative. If you see a killer effect, try and make it, get helped, or rip a fla, then make a tutorial out of it.\rI believe the interesting thing in a tutorial is to see which methods you use to make an effect, since there are many possible ways in Flash. The scrollable thing I did all by myself, and I’m sure that my method isn’t the best one, yet it’s mine, and it works, so why not make a tutorial about it ??\r\rpom 0]

Hey Jubba!\rThat tutorial rocks! I can use the tutorial in its current format. If you want, you can simply e-mail me the SWF file. It is a lot easier than having to dig in the browser cache!\r\rThanks again for the great tutorial Jubba.\r\rCheers!\rKirupa

The thing is with Angelfire there is no offsever hosting. You can’t link from your website to the ZIP on mine. And if you just link to my website, then the visitors will see an Angelfire pop-up. So i can e-mail you the HTML in a WORD file, and the fla and the SWF…i think that would work, i don’t have a problem with sending the code…I’ll do whatever is easier for you and the visitors to your site.