Kirupa, you know on your scrolling text tuorial?

I was lookin at the tutorials on the site, and decided to learn how to do the scrolling text box. And ya know the writing in your example of a scroll box, its a verse from that big book, the bible. Just wondered, are you a christian?

maybe? maybe not?


Uber Noobie

Hey Uber,
You bet I am! I’m a Christian :slight_smile:


Woah that is good, I thought ya might have been a christian because of the section of text ya had in the tutorial. That “Footprints” is one of the more memorable parts of The Bible so it was a nice thing to see on the site, seen as I barely know any other christians.
Well anyway, just thought id say.

I loved your tutorials, now i love ya even more.

David Walker (Uber Noobie)

Hey David,
Is the poem from the Bible? I thought the poem footprints was written by an anonymous author. Anyway, I agree, this is my favorite poem. I’m glad you like my tutorials!


You are correct Kirupa… it’s from an unknown… and it has not been cannonized yet, so it is not part of the big book. Easy mistake to make though as it is a VERY christian poem, and probebly should be cannonized… but I guess they don’t cannonize things too often these days.

It is certainly a beutiful piece, and one of my favorite poems, though for the record I’m a born again pagen, agnostic, patheist, scientist… But I’m ok with Christians. I really don’t get your religion, but for the most part, the lot of you try to do good works… and as long as you’re doing good works, you’re ok in my book. :slight_smile:

Bless you all during your holiday season.