Thanks Dave!

I just want to say thanks for your services on this board. You are a faithful troll. It’s nice to know there are trolls roaming about seeking whom they may assist. I am getting ready to fire up MX as I got pissed when it first came out I couldn’t even figure out how to motion or shape tween. Spent hours and gave up, went on a dreamweaver 4 binge. But it’s nice to know your always here, most of the time anyways, nobody but God is onmipresent. :wink:


I’m not always correct, but I’m always willing to help find the information. :slight_smile: You’re appreciation is appreciated, it’s one of the things that keeps me going.

I would like to say that everyone should take into consideration this fact. Though I am always around, and always throw in an opinion if I’ve got one on a Flash subject, there are soooooooo many things that I still don’t understand. If I’m wrong, and you know it, no matter how new you are to the program, let us know it. I certainly wont be upset to learn something new. There are many things that I think I know and later find to be false.

Blessed are the helpers here… you are all great.

Blessed are the helpers here… you are all great.

He’s right you know!

Lobstars was more accurate. There are may helpers here at Kirupa. I just wanted to single Dave out because he’s always here. But in honor of those helpers not mentioned…

** The plattitudes of Philman**

Blessed are Kirupas children, for they are the children of flash-
Blessed are they that Actionscript, for theirs is the Kingdom of Kirupa-
Blessed are those that help others for they shall receive help-
Blessed are you when all men revile you for Kirupa’s sake, and despise you,
and kick you and break your spleen and elbow you in the face… :x
For yours is the Kingdom of Kirupa, and the Power of Flash, and the Grace of Actionscript-Blessed be those who live according to this rule forevermore. -Selah-


roflmao… now that belongs on the first page of the Flash Bible. :slight_smile: