Yap Kirupaholic here… w00t! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Hey everyone!
Thanks for the input. I’ll start on it right now. Here’s what I have right now. If there is anything else that you guys can think of, I’ll be sure to add it in.
a dancing banana

Kirupa 8] **


death star? isn’t that kinda cliche for a would be world dictator? that is so 1970’s!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: or should i say so 20th century

phil, you gotta admit, me putting the stick in your obitational route was pretty funny at the time! that thing just kept rolling. lol:P

Haha, everyone is saying: “Wait a second. You mean to tell me there is actually a site with flash tutorials on it? I thought it was only forums!”


what are you talking about? there IS only forums…

I fear that I too, will be a kirupaholic :-\

I am sorry :*( To me, the forums look excellent and I love the flash footer Idea. That’s why i said I will probably be a kirupaholic. :-\ That’s why I said I will probably become one.

And I’ve never met the guy. =)

welcome to on behalf of everyone here

WARNING: is addictive, the website nor its creators can be held responsible for what the content might cause to your brain to do!

I was here before… Under a different name, I forget what my other name was that’s why i had to resign up :bad: