I´m becoming addicted to this site too.

Maybe if Kirupa make a splash screen saying: GO AWAY! I HATE YOU, YOU BASTARD! would help me a little.

My life is a mess because of kirupa, at work my productivity rate is almost nothing since I came here, at home I´m neglecting my duties as boyfriend, and so on…

PLZ DO SOMETHING! I´m desperated!:frowning:

Hello, my name is Tim and I’m a Kirupaholic… waves :*(

wait a minute and Phil will explain to you the twelve steps program of the KA (Kirupaholics anonimous).


where do i sign up?! i nEED hELP

::jumps repeatedly:: I AM A KIRUPAHOLIC!!!

But bug off, don’t touch me, I don’t have a problem man… I can stop whenever I want to. Really!.. I can!..

But who would want to stop :stuck_out_tongue: :q:

I think that lost only came here for the coffe :stuck_out_tongue:



all he needs to do is ask for donations from the members…

that would clear me out in a big hurry![SIZE=1]

:: visual image of Kirupa standing at login with a cup ::[/SIZE]



Not having such cool smileys!!!

<:} :crazy: :evil: :wink: :bad:

how about having the whole site open up in full screen with tons of pop-ups that also opens in full screen? :evil:

Hey everyone!
Thanks for the input. I’ll start on it right now. Here’s what I have right now. If there is anything else that you guys can think of, I’ll be sure to add it in.
[]Pop-up banner ads
]bright green background colors
[]rainbow-colored divider colored
]flash ads that move over the text
[*]a dancing banana

Kirupa 8] is like a drug or sumthin’

Originally posted by kirupa *
]Pop-up banner ads
[]bright green background colors
]rainbow-colored divider colored
[]flash ads that move over the text
]a dancing banana

OH NO! The worst things that can be found on the net! !!!
Pupup banner ads!!! OMG
bright green! I have to make my monitor grayscale!
Flash ads that move over the text! <— the worst thing that can be found anywhere!
a dancing banana??? oooooohhhh noooooooo!
this is horrible!
The best site on the net turns into the worst site on the net! OMG

sounds good kirupa, go for it! :rambo:

are you guys serious? lol

i’m sorry if i dont get the sarcasm


I’ll be using the following site as inspiration: I think it fits the bill for the new “Kirupa Klassic Look” I’m going for. It has great MIDI music (A-Team), and the layout is simply exquisite. I think it will make a great SOTW as well.

Kirupa :q:

will you be charging people?

Big naked pic of PJ on the main site… that’ll scare visitors away…

said like homer simpson:



happy BDay Kirupa!

posted it here cause you’ll get an email.


Happy b-day.

Unless it’s about King George II, anything Phil says is sarcastic.