kirupaForum is now running Discourse!


Hi, welcome to the upgraded forums!

How to log into your old account

  1. Press "Log in" in the upper right hand corner of the site.
  2. Press "I forgot my password" even if you still know your password. vBulletin and Discourse have incompatible password storing/hashing algorithms, so there was no way to transfer over your old passwords.
  3. Enter your old username or your registration email, and a new password will be mailed to you. (You can change it to whatever you want, of course!)

A note on usernames with spaces, special characters, etc.

Discourse has different rules for account names. They're limited to letters, numbers, and underscores. As a result, when we migrated all the accounts over, incompatible names went through an automated renaming process. For example, the account Jeff Wheeler became Jeff_Wheeler.

For names that run particularly afoul of the new naming rules, like λ, it can be tricky to find the automatically-generated username. In these cases, it's best to use your email to reset your password. (Although I'm not sure if you still need to know your username then.) If you're having trouble, you can always contact @kirupa or @krilnon and they can find your new name.

(It turns out that λ's new name is 955, because the HTML character entity for λ is &#955, and those first two characters aren't allowed.)

On Missing Posts

You may notice that certain posts you thought you remembered making are apparently not here. Unfortunately, the import script that comes with Discourse doesn't fully handle the complexities of a huge, decade+ vB forum, so some posts weren't imported. We plan to keep a read-only version of the old vB kF around so that you can still find those posts if necessarily, and we'll continue to improve the backlog here on Discourse.

If a missing post happens to be a question you asked that you want to bump up, you can also feel free to copy your old post content over, just so that people can see and reply to it immediately here.


Thanks a lot for your article. all the best.


Holy ■■■■, so that’s what my username is. I hadn’t ever figured out how to login to the new forums.


Hey I tried to make it easy for you.


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